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Animals inspire a lot of our kids toys so we have ended up with a whole Noah's Ark of baby toys. From monkey toys through to tigers and even a cute Flamingo toy, we have something for everyone.

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Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Hippo Toy Rattle, pink stripe.

It maybe the lovely,pink stripe top, the gorgeous little ears or even the smiley face but this hippopotamus baby rattle is an instantly attractive baby toy. Tactile crochet, gentle rattle and machine

Sales price: £9.99
organic Giraffe Purple wfto
organic Giraffe Group wfto9

Fair Trade Crochet Organic Cotton Giraffe Baby Rattle in soft purple

Our friendly organic cotton giraffe comes in soft purple picked out with orange ears and feet and gorgeous crochet spots. A perfect friend and companion for your baby. If you are looking for

Sales price: £18.00
Fair Trade Crochet Red Monkey Rattle

Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Red Monkey Soft Toy Rattle

Your baby will love monkeying around with our loveable red, cream and grey cotton crochet Monkey baby rattle. He makes the perfect cute friend for baby. This would make a great gift for fans of the

Sales price: £10.00

Knitted Cotton Purple Snake Baby Rattle

Yes, it's a rattle snake! The luxurious combination of pink and purple stripes make this handmade knitted snake rattle a great baby toy and perfect for tummy time. If your kids are fans of the

Sales price: £9.99

Knitted Cotton Snake Baby Rattle, Turquoise

Yes, it's a rattle snake! The stimulating combination of green and blue stripes make this handmade knitted snake rattle a great baby toy and perfect for tummy time. Perfect for fans of the film

Sales price: £9.99
fair trade crochet organic cotton giraffe toy in petrol blue
organic Giraffe Group wfto

Fair Trade Crochet Organic Cotton Giraffe Baby Rattle, soft petrol blue

This gorgeous organic cotton petrol blue giraffe toy has a twinkle in his eye and a cheerful smile. His long limbs are easy for baby to grasp onto and his stops are striking and stimulating for your

Sales price: £18.00
tiger wfto

Fair Trade Cotton Crochet Standing Tiger Toy, Orange and black

Crochet tiger toy hand crochet from cotton yarn in orange and black stripes. Handmade and fair trade. Machine washable and suitable from birth. Approximate size: 23cm x 17cm All Pebble toys are

Sales price: £12.99
giraffe wfto
Giraffe and turtle wfto

Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Large Orange Giraffe Cuddly Toy

I know giraffes are supposed to have stripes but how about one with spots for a change? Our gorgeous, orange crochet giraffe is cuddly and smiley, making him a perfect companion for your

Sales price: £35.00
zebra ring rattle wfto

Fair Trade Crochet Zebra Ring Rattle for Babies

Our gorgeous, cotton crochet zebra ring rattle from Pebble with is striking body is a perfect first companion for baby. Blue, black, red and white stripes make this rattle stimulating for baby to

Sales price: £4.99
Toucan soft toy

Large Chunky Knit Toucan Soft Toy, Benjie

Introducing our lovely chunky knit retro Toucan toy, Benjie. Do you know why Toucans have such large beaks? Seemingly they act as air conditioning units to keep them cool. Suitable from birth and

Sales price: £16.99
Flamingo wfto2

Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Large Flamingo Cuddly Toy

Our quirky pink Flamingo toy is the perfect companion and friend. Her vibrant stripes and original design make her an instant favourite. Fair trade, handmade and suitable from birth. Hand crochet

Sales price: £40.00
blue stripe monkey rattle
3 monkey rattles

Fair Trade Crochet Monkey Soft Toy Rattle with Blue Stripes

Sweet monkey baby rattle with blue ears and a cute smile. This monkey soft toy is handmade with blue and yellow stripes from cotton yarn. He is a real cutie and full of fun and would make the ideal

Sales price: £10.00
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