Dinosaur toys for the youngest of dinosaur fans. With 100% recycled stuffing our baby dinosaur toys are the perfect baby dinosaurs. The range includes pastel knitted dinosaur rattles, neutral grey baby dinosaur toys and our new sensory 'crinkle paper' dinosaur toys.  These baby dinosaur teddies are the perfect newborn baby toys as they are machine washable, have a gentle rattle sound and are the ideal size for little hands.

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mastodon rattle
mastodon toy and rattle1

Mastodon Knitted Dinosaur Baby Rattle Moss Green

Our latest member of our dinosaur toy and baby rattle family is the Mastodon. It is inspired by the American mastodon, which was a large, elephant-like mammal that lived in North and Central America

Sales price: £11.99
Untitled design (61)
t rex rattle blue

T Rex Knitted Dinosaur Rattle Ice Blue

Our best selling small T Rex knitted dinosaur baby rattle now in ice blue. This T Rex toy is the ideal toy for babies and toddlers. This baby dinosaur toy is a perfect size for baby to play with

Sales price: £11.99
Blue tartan diplodocus
Blue tartan diplodocus toy and rattle1

Diplodocus Dinosaur Baby Rattle Blue Tartan

Our bestselling diplodocus dinosaur baby rattle in a splendid blue tartan. Whether you are looking for Scottish themed baby toy or are a fan of tartan, this cotton baby dinosaur toy could be the one

Sales price: £11.99
White Steggy
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White Stegosaurus Dinosaur Baby Rattle, Knitted Organic Cotton

Sweet white organic cotton stegosaurus baby rattle. An ideal gift for a new baby or an ideal baby shower gift in neutral colours. Babies will love the gentle rattle sound and this dinosaur toy is

Sales price: £13.99
Titanosaur rattle
Titanosaur toy and rattle7

Titanosaur Knitted Dinosaur Baby Rattle

The titanosaur dinosaur was one of the largest known animals to walk on planet Earth, but at Best Years we have a small titanosaur dinosaur baby rattle so that babies and young children can enjoy

Sales price: £11.99
Plesiosaurus rattle
Plesiosaurus toy and rattle

Plesiosaurus Knitted Dinosaur Rattle Ice Blue

Plesiosaurus is an extinct marine reptile that lived in the Jurassic period. The plesiosaurus was twice as long as a modern horse and weighed twice as much as a modern pig. The name plesiosaurus

Sales price: £11.99
bright stripe t rex rattle baby dinosaur toy
bright stripe t rex rattle baby dinosaur toy

T Rex Knitted Dinosaur Rattle Rainbow Stripe

Whats not to love about a stripe T Rex dinosaur rattle? This gorgeous small knitted baby dinosaurT rex toy is suitable from birth and machine washable making it a perfect new baby gift. Part of our

Sales price: £11.99
knitted orange diplodocus rattle baby dinosaur toy
knitted orange diplodocus rattle baby dinosaur toy

Diplodocus Knitted Dinosaur Rattle Orange

There is definitely something very charming about our small orange diplodocus dinosaur baby rattle. It is also very practical as it is machine washable! A popular knitted dinosaur teddy rattle for

Sales price: £11.99
knitted green t Rex rattle baby dinosaur toy
knitted green t Rex rattle baby dinosaur toy

T Rex Knitted Dinosaur Rattle Green

Our best selling small green T Rex knitted dinosaur baby rattle is great for babies and toddlers. This baby dinosaur toy is a perfect size for baby to play with during tummy time with its soft

Sales price: £11.99
small grey diplo dinosaur 1200 x7
small and large organic diplo grey

Knitted Organic Cotton Diplodocus Small Dinosaur Toy

Our popular organic cotton diplodocus dinosaur soft toy in grey with teal spots is now available in a small size. Part of our Scandi range of toys, this small diplodocus dinosaur toy is made from

Sales price: £18.99
coronation white diplo baby with crown
white baby diplo with turquoise

White Baby Diplodocus Dinosaur with Crown Sensory Toy

Our white knitted diplodocus dinosaur toy with crown is part of our new range to mark the King's Coronation in May 2023. This white baby dinosaur soft toy has crinkle paper inside, so when grasped

Sales price: £6.99
baby t rex sensory 1200 x
t rex rattle and baby sensory

Baby T Rex Dinosaur Flatty Sensory Toy

Our knitted green baby T Rex dinosaur toy makes an ideal first dinosaur toy. The perfect size for little hands, this baby dinosaur toy has crinkle paper inside and the sound will stimulate your

Sales price: £6.99
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