Range of knitted dinosaur soft toys our exclusive dinosaur toys are stuffed with 100% recycled stuffing. We have T Rex dinosaur toys, Diplodocus dinosaur toys, Triceratops dinosaur toys and the perhaps less well known Parasaurolophus and Pterodactyl dinosaur toys.

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stegosaurus toy green
stegosaurus rattle and toy green5

Stegosaurus Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy Moss Green

This sweet stegosaurus dinosaur soft toy is now available in moss green with orange spike detail. This dinosaur teddy is tactile and robust making it ideal for toddlers and young children for both

Sales price: £17.99
mastodon toy front

Mastodon Knitted Dinosaur Toy Moss Green

This Mastodon soft toy is a perfect gift for any dinosaur lover. It is made of high-quality, soft materials that make it perfect for snuggling. The Mastodon soft toy is designed to look like the real

Sales price: £17.99
Untitled design (62)
ice blue t rex toy (2)

T Rex Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy Ice Blue

Our popular knitted T Rex dinosaur toy but now in ice blue. This dinosaur teddy is ideal for imaginative play and cuddles alike. The perfect gift for children and toddlers. TERRY T REX Terry

Sales price: £17.99
Blue tartan diplodocus toy
Blue tartan diplodocus toy and rattle

Diplodocus Dinosaur Soft Toy Blue Tartan

Our bestselling diplodocus dinosaur soft toy in a splendid blue tartan. Whether you are looking for Scottish themed dinosaur toy or are a fan of tartan, maybe this dinosaur toy could be the dinosaur

Sales price: £17.99
knitted red triceratops dinosaur toy
knitted red triceratops dinosaur toy

Triceratops Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy Red

In a striking red colour our Triceratops knitted dinosaur toy makes a great soft toy for all ages. Although its called a Triceratops it really should be a Diatops because this dinosaur actually only

Sales price: £17.99
Plesiosaurus toy
Plesiosaurus toy and rattle6

Plesiosaurus Knitted Dinosaur Toy Ice Blue

Plesiosaurus is an extinct marine reptile that lived in the Jurassic period. The name plesiosaurus means 'almost lizard' though it is often described as looking like a combination of a modern day

Sales price: £17.99
parasaurolophus toy lifestyle

Parasaurolophus Knitted Dinosaur Toy

The latest addition to the Best Years dinosaur family is our parasuarolophus dinosaur. The parasaurolophus, meaning near crested lizard, was a herbivorous dinosaur that was found in the North

Sales price: £17.99
coronation diplodocus toy with crown
coronation diplodocus toy and dec with crown

Dippy the Duchess Knitted Diplodocus Dinosaur Toy

Dippy the Duchess is part of our Coronation range of toys and decorations that we have designed to mark the King's Coronation in May 2023. Our bestselling orange diplodocus dinosaur is available with

Sales price: £17.99
coronation T rex toy with crown
coronation dinosaurs with crown

King T Rex Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy

King T Rex is part of our Coronation range of toys and decorations that we have designed to mark the King's Coronation in May 2023. We have redesigned our popular green knitted Tyrannosaurus Rex

Sales price: £17.99
shark toy 1200x
shark toy and rattle 1200 x9

Knitted Shark Soft Toy with Bold Stripes

Our knitted shark soft toy in bold stripes is sure to delight. Children are often fascinated by sharks and this one is cuddly and tactile. Robust enough for imaginative toddler play but soft enough

Sales price: £17.99
stripe triceratops toy 1200 x

Triceratops Knitted Dinosaur Toy Rainbow Stripes

Our popular triceratops knitted dinosaur soft toy now in rainbow stripes. This addition to the family makes an eye catching gift for any dinosaur mad boy or girl. Robust enough for imaginative play

Sales price: £17.99
bold stripe diplo toy 1200 x

Diplodocus Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy Bold Stripe

Our popular knitted diplodocus dinosaur soft toy is now available in a bold stripe design. This colourful rainbow dinosaur toy is sure to delight any toddler or young child. Ideal for cuddles and

Sales price: £17.99
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