The number of vegans in the UK is doubling every year and since over 40% of vegans are under 30 there is a also a growing number of babies born in to vegan families. You may think that choosing a baby gift which is suitable for vegans could be tricky but in fact it is not as complicated as you may fear and if you need to buy a vegan baby gift we have some great ideas for you.

With the schools now closed for most, and families being asked to stay home apart from essential journeys, many will have concerns about how to keep the kids entertained and healthy over the coming weeks.  We have put our heads together and come up with some ideas for outdoor activities to keep your kids and their dinosaurs toys busy and enjoying some fresh air in your own safe space when the weather allows.  You may need to get your rain coats and layers on, but fresh air can do us the world of good.

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