Fair Trade Wooden Rainbow Toys

Our fair trade wooden toys are handmade in Sri Lanka by a WFTO certified fair trade producer.

The wood we use is a by product of tea cultivation. The trees are grown to provide shade for the tea plants, but as they grow bigger they need to be cut down as they take the moisture needed by the tea plants from the ground. The wood itself is very light weight making the toys very light.

How wooden toys are made.
Our wooden toys all start life as a plank of wood, and they are 100% handmade.
First the design is printed on to the wood, then it is cut out, sanded and painted, all by hand.
This means that none of our toys are completely the same, and nor are they completely symmetrical as there is no automation involved in the process.

Why are wooden toys better.
Our wooden toys are better than most toys because they are 100% natural. There is no plastic involved in any of the wooden toys so wooden toys can be recycled. Unlike plastic wood can be marked and knocked but again, unlike plastic, it rarely breaks.
Wooden toys are also better because by their very nature they encourage open play. You cannot have flashing lights or wailing noises in a wooden toy so they have no set purpose which makes them open play toys. You can stack them, build them and balance them which is great for hand to eye coordination. 

Which wooden toys?
We think our wooden toys are best because they are fair trade and handmade and the wood is upcycled.
Our wood is very lightweight and the paints which we use are suitable from birth. 
The designs of our wooden toys all encourage open play and imaginative play. 

Wooden rainbow toys.
Probably the most well known of wooden toys are the wooden rainbow toys and we have some fabulous ones. Our colours range from traditional rainbow to contemporary to pastel and black and white rainbow toys.
Wooden rainbows are a great toy for children because they can be played with in many different ways.




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