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yellow diplo rattle
yellow and stripe diplos4

Diplodocus Knitted Dinosaur Baby Rattle Yellow

This knitted yellow Diplodocus dinosaur baby rattle is a tactile and robust baby toy that is perfect for newborns and young toddlers. The rattle is made of 100% recycled stuffing and is

Sales price: £11.25
yellow diplo toy
yellow and stripe diplos

Diplodocus Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy Yellow

Our knitted yellow diplodocus dinosaur soft toy is cute and cuddly and perfect for children and dinosaur enthusiasts alike. This dinosaur toy is tactile and robust,, making it perfect for snuggling

Sales price: £17.50
Tartan coat sausage dog rattle
Tartan coat sausage dog toy and rattle2

Knitted Sausage Dog Baby Rattle in Tartan Jumper

A knitted sausage dog baby rattle with a tartan jumper is a delightful toy for babies. It is soft, cuddly, and makes a gentle rattle sound that will keep your little one entertained. The tartan

Sales price: £11.25
Tartan coat sausage dog
Tartan coat sausage dog toy and rattle

Knitted Sausage Dog Soft Toy in Tartan Jumper

This adorable knitted sausage dog is the perfect companion for any dog lover. The dog is wearing a cozy tartan jumper that is perfect for keeping it warm on chilly days. The jumper has a classic

Sales price: £17.50
stegosaurus rattle green
stegosaurus rattle and toy green

Stegosaurus Knitted Dinosaur Baby Rattle Moss Green

Due to arrive late Spring / early Summer, this new colour version of our popular stegosaurus baby rattle is resplendent in moss green with orange spike details. The toy is designed to spark tactile,

Sales price: £11.25
stegosaurus toy green
stegosaurus rattle and toy green5

Stegosaurus Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy Moss Green

Due to arrive in last Spring / early Summer, we are excited to introduce our new stegosaurus dinosaur soft toy in moss green with orange spike detail. This dinosaur teddy is tactile and robust

Sales price: £17.50
Untitled design - 2024-03-21T152833.255

Knitted Red Dragon Baby Rattle

This enchanting baby rattle is inspired by mythical creatures that breathe fire and guard hidden treasures. Crafted with care, it combines the magic of dragons with the practicality of a baby toy.

Sales price: £11.99
Red dragon toy

Knitted Red Dragon Soft Toy

This little dragon is more than a toy; it’s a guardian of bedtime stories, a confidant during stormy nights, and a symbol of creativity spun from love. Whether perched on a shelf or nestled under a

Sales price: £17.50
8790 screen12x10

Knitted Penguin with Hat & Scarf Christmas Decoration

This cute knitted Christmas decoration with Santa hat and red scarf is sure to delight and give a whimsical festive vibe. This penguin will add a touch of charm to your Christmas tree or Xmas

Sales price: £9.00
Seagull with hat and scarf BY4336

Knitted Seagull with Hat & Scarf Christmas Decoration

This charming seagull Christmas decoration with festive Santa hat and red scarf will hang gracefully on your Christmas tree. This seagull hanging decoration will add a coastal vibe to your Xmas

Sales price: £9.00
8823 screen12x10 (1)

Knitted Corgi Dog Hanging Decoration

This charming little Corgi Christmas hanging decoration, inspired by the beloved Royal dogs, will add a touch of festive cheer to your Christmas decor. Our Corgi with its smart red scarf and Santa

Sales price: £9.00
Red dragon with Xmas hat (1)

Knitted Red Dragon with Hat Christmas Decoration

Knitted red dragon Christmas hanging decoration in Santa hat. This Welsh inspired Christmas decoration is sure to brighten up and Xmas tree. The red festive colouring makes this an ideal Xmas tree

Sales price: £9.00
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