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A large range of knitted dinosaur toys includes baby dinosaur toys, dinosaur rattles and dinosaur teethers right through to large dinosaur toys. The largest range of knitted dinosaur toys available. 



Large Knitted Yellow Pterodactyl Dinosaur Toy

We are delighted to introduce a large version of our popular knitted pterodactyl dinosaur soft toy. The pterodactyl is not strictly a dinosaur but was in fact a type of flying reptile - part of the

Sales price: £29.99

Large Knitted Ice Blue Diplodocus Dinosaur Toy

We are delighted to introduce the latest of our large knitted dinosaur soft toys - our large ice blue diplodocus dinosaur. This dinosaur soft toy would make an ideal birthday gift or kids Christmas

Sales price: £29.99

Knitted Grey Diplodocus Dinosaur with Blanket

Our newest knitted dinosaur soft toy is this gorgeous seated grey diplodocus baby toy holding a soft blanket with dinosaur footprints. The sweet diplodocus is perfect for cuddling up to and the

Sales price: £14.99
Small knitted T Rex dinosaur baby toy in vibrant red colour with black markings and soft fabric white teeth and claws

Small Red T Rex Dinosaur Rattle

Our best selling small T Rex rattle is now available in a vibrant red colour. This dinosaur toy is great for babies and toddlers as its the perfect size for baby to play with during tummy time with

Sales price: £9.99
Small knitted diplodocus dinosaur baby toy with long neck and smiley face knitted in vivid ice blue yarn

Small Ice Blue Diplodocus Dinosaur Rattle

This small ice blue diplodocus knitted dinosaur rattle is ideal for babies and toddlers. This baby dinosaur toy is the ideal size for little hands to play with and the gentle rattle sound is

Sales price: £9.99
Knitted diplodocus dinosaur soft toy in ice blue colour with long neck and tail and smiley face

Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy, Ice Blue Diplodocus

This diplodocus dinosaur soft toy is knitted from a vivid eye catching ice blue coloured yarn. This knitted dinosaur toy is soft enough for cuddles and great for imaginative play. The long neck

Sales price: £14.99
Yellow knitted T Rex dinosaur soft toy with white jagged teeth
yellow t rex toy and rattle

Yellow T Rex Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy

A welcome addition to the Best Years dinosaur family is this yellow T Rex dinosaur soft toy. This is the same as our original T rex dinosaur but in vivid and striking yellow! Our dinosaur toys make

Sales price: £14.99
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Giant Knitted Woolly Mammoth Soft Toy Ethically Sourced

This Giant version of our knitted mammoth soft toy is sure to be a giant hit and would look fabulous in any dinosaur mad child's nursery or bedroom. This is one dinosaur toy which definitely has the

Sales price: £250.00
knitted Steg family
rsz_steg_rattle_with_painting (1)

Small Blue Knitted Stegosaurus Dinosaur Rattle

Best Year's sweet small blue Stegosaurus knitted dinosaur rattle is a perfect new baby gift. This knitted dinosaur soft toy rattle has a soothing sound and is the perfect size for babies and

Sales price: £9.99
Knitted steg

Blue Knitted Stegosaurus Dinosaur Soft Toy

Our gorgeous blue stegosaurus toy is back! With its blue knitted body and soft spines along its back, this dinosaur is ready for imaginative play and cuddles. These would ideal presents for 2 year

Sales price: £14.99
Turquoise blue knitted sabre tooth tiger soft toy on white wood surface

Small Blue Knitted Sabre Tooth Tiger Rattle

Our blue sabre tooth tiger rattle is ideal for babies and toddlers. This baby rattle is a perfect size for baby to play with during tummy time with its soft stimulating rattle sound. These sabre

Sales price: £9.99
sabre tooth tiger (1)
Sabre tooth tiger toy and rattle

Blue Knitted Sabre Tooth Tiger Soft Toy

Our sabre tooth tiger range is back by popular demand. Our fabulous sabre tooth tiger is ideal for imaginative play and for a cuddle. Ideal for fans of the movie, Ice Age, this popular toy makes a

Sales price: £14.99
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