Looking for a Dinosaur Teddy as a new born baby gift? Our top 5 Dinosaur Teddies

If you are looking for a baby gift then a dinosaur toy is not always the first choice. However if there is already a dinosaur mad kid in the house a dinosaur teddy is the perfect baby gift.

The first thing to look for in any dinosaur teddy is safety. All our dinosaur toys are tested to be suitable from birth. No small parts and machine washable make these dinosaur teddies the perfect dinosaur toy for babies.

Teddy bears have always been used as a source of comfort but our dinosaur teddies are not just cuddly they are also perfect as sensory toys. The knitted fabric is tactile and robust and if you chose one of our brightly coloured dinosaur teddies their sharply contrasting colours are great for babies as they start to see colours at 3-4 months

So here our top 5 choices for Dinosaur Teddies

  1. Knitted organic cotton diplodocus dinosaur teddy. Tactile organic cotton with raised spots make this a wonderfully tactile dinosaur teddy. Made from organic cotton and stuffed with recycled acrylic is also an environmentally friendly choice. The colours are muted for sophisticated nurseries but also offer contrast for baby’s development. This dinosaur toy comes in 2 sizes and is also available in mustard and white.


  1. If you are looking for something brighter then our rainbow stripe T Rex rattle is the one for you. Babies start to see colour at 3-4 months and the first colours they can see are the primary colours, yellow, blue, green and red. This dinosaur rattle has these colours in contrasting stripes plus it has a gentle rattle to entertain your baby. Available as T Rex, Mammoth, Diplodocus and Triceratops


  1. Organic grey diplodocus dinosaur with soft blanket. This really is a perfect new born baby gift. The grey diplodocus dinosaur teddy is tactile and robust while the soft blanket is perfect for snuggling. Comforting, cuddly and friendly, this baby dinosaur soft toy is a lovely companion for any baby.


  1. Sitting with the grey diplodocus is our organic white stegosaurus rattle. Made in contrasting white and grey knitted fabric it also has a rattle meaning it appeals to touch, sight and hearing. Designed with a really sweet face it makes the perfect gentle companion for new born babies


  1. If you are looking for a pastel coloured dinosaur teddy we have our organic diplodocus dinosaur rattles. Their long necks are perfect for babies to grab and their lovely faces make them the most friendly of dinosaur companions.

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