Why Our Dinosaur Toys are the Best Dinosaur toys for 3 year olds

Our dinosaur toys are great for 3 year olds. Brightly coloured and instantly recognisable as dinosaurs, our dinosaur toys are robust enough for play, but also soft and unbreakable.

Having a 3 year old is a lot of fun. Freed from the terrible twos they are now active, mobile and inquisitive. The only draw back is the sheer amount of questions a 3 year old can ask in one day!

Developmentally they will start to be able to hold a pencil and also catch a large ball, (or large soft dinosaur toy if you prefer!)

Most excitingly they start making up imaginary games and they are able to play interactively with other children.

This is a great time to start to teach them colours and also to count to 10.

So why do we think that our dinosaur toys are great for 3 year olds?

To begin with teaching colours is a lot easier when you have a bright green T Rex toy to start with! We deliberately make our dinosaur toys bright colours and it’s a lot more fun to point out the green T Rex toy from the red Triceratops toy than trying to point to colours in a book especially if you have an active and wriggly 3 year old.

You can also throw our soft dinosaur toys without fear of breaking or damage, and catching a dinosaur is a lot more fun than a ball. Trust me I’ve tried both! If they get dropped then our dinosaur toys are machine washable so no damage done.

However why we think our dinosaur toys are so great for 3 year olds is the way they encourage both imaginative play and playing with others.
A lot of children’s imaginative play is focussed around children imitating their every day life, so cooking, answering the phone that sort of thing. That’s great, and obviously to be encouraged, but how wonderful it is to let your imagination soar and become a mighty dinosaur with your T Rex toy.

Many children develop an obsession with dinosaurs around this age so having dinosaur toys also promotes cooperative play. Be warned though, to hear 3 year olds comparing Pterodactyls with T Rex is quite something! They absorb dinosaur facts faster than a chocolate biscuit and will happily share all their knowledge with you.

Our dinosaur toys are brightly coloured, tactile, robust and soft. They are also dinosaurs. What else could a 3 year old want?


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