Why buy a large dinosaur toy or even an extra large dinosaur toy?

Dinosaur toys are always popular with kids but why buy a large dinosaur toy, or for that matter an extra large dinosaur toy?

The whole thing about dinosaurs is that they are huge. We are sure that there were thousands of fascinating insects back in pre-historic times but its unlikely that they will capture children’s imaginations in the same way as dinosaurs do.

Obviously children are captivated of stories of how ferocious dinosaurs were but dinosaur mad kids are just as intrigued by the Triceratops and gentle Diplodocus as they are with the super predator T Rex.

It’s hard to imagine just how huge these pre-historic animals were, and that is core to the enduring obsession we have with dinosaurs, and subsequentially, dinosaur toys.

We have a range of large dinosaur toys which, although large, were still within the realms of normal dinosaur toys. Both our large Diplodocus dinosaur toy and our large T Rex dinosaur toys are each over 30cm which is a chunky size for a dinosaur toy. Recently we introduced the large Titanosaur and like the dinosaur itself it is the largest of our large dinosaur toys at 40cm.
Sturdy and tactile they are a perfect gift for dinosaur mad kids, both for play and for cuddles.

But as dinosaur mad as we are we just couldn’t stop there.
We have developed supersize, extra large dinosaur toys. Measuring well over a meter we think these are the biggest dinosaur toys you can find. They are large, they are sturdy and they are bright so they make quite the statement.

Like all our dinosaur toys they stand well on their own. Theoretically they are machine washable but at almost 2m they are unlikely to fit in to even the largest of washing machines. Luckily they can be easily surface washed as well.

If you are looking for the biggest, baddest dinosaur toy for your dinosaur mad kid look no further than our supersize large dinosaur toys.

So to answer the question as to why buy our super size large dinosaur toys? To paraphrase a famous USA president, we chose to buy them because they’re there!


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