What to get kids who like dinosaurs? The best Dinosaur Toys for Dino Mad kids.

Do you have a dinosaur mad kid? Or a toddler who doesn’t go anywhere without at least one dinosaur toy? We did and that is why we have the best dinosaur toys for dino mad kids.

It is estimated that 30% of pre-school children develop a fascination with either dinosaurs or cars/trains and psychologists call this a conceptual interest. Conceptual interests tend to promote fact collecting so children gather an encyclopaedic (and very impressive) knowledge, and this is associated with the ability to think about a topic systematically.

However with Dinosaurs there is also a rich seam of imaginative play to mine.  Dinosaurs have all the fascination of dragons and unicorns and other mythical creatures with the added benefit that you can actually see evidence of their existence. You can see both their fossils and skeletons in museums, and there are new discoveries every month.

Our journey with dinosaur toys started not with market research and a corporate office but with a dinosaur mad kid.
Our knowledge of dinosaurs expanded rapidly and as we learnt to differentiate carnivores from herbivores, Stegosaurus from Triceratops we also realised that most dinosaur soft toy ranges began and ended with T Rex and Diplodocus toys.  We also thought that dinosaur soft toys seem to be designed for cuddles rather than play.

We therefore developed our own dinosaur toy range using tactile material and bright colours so our dinosaur toys can both provide robust play with night time cuddles.

To make sure that our dinosaur toys have the maximum appeal for dinosaur mad kids we also have a wide range of dinosaurs. Our dinosaur toys stretch from T Rex to Pterodactyl, Diplodocus to Plesiosaurus and Parasaurolophus.

But we don’t just have dinosaur toys. We have dinosaur rattles and dinosaur comfort blankets for babies and the very young.

We have larger dinosaur toys for special gifts and occasions, and we even have giant dinosaur toys which are over 1m high.

Now that our children have grown up we have realised that being dinosaur mad is not something you ever completely grow out of. We are happy to say that we now have dinosaur Xmas decorations to make sure that the festive season is roar-some!

Our Top Dinosaur Toys for Dinosaur Made Kids
The big problem with giving Dinosaur mad kids dinosaur toys is that there is a fair chance they may have them. We have a great range of T Rex and Diplodocus toys but these dinosaur toys are far rarer.

  1. Titanosaur toy. The biggest dinosaur around in tactile knitted material.
  2. Plesiosaurus toy. A rare water dwelling dinosaur toy
  3. Mastodon. Not really a dinosaur, closer to a mammoth but guaranteed to be a dinosaur toy they have not already got.
  4. Pterodactyl. There are other pterodactyl toys around but not like this! Knitted fabric in shades of yellow
  5. Parasaurolophus dinosaur toy. A “duck billed” dinosaur

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