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We love working with Pebble Toys and really proud that we hold the biggest range of Pebble Toys outside of Bangladesh where they are made. 

Did you know that Bangladesh is beautiful? It is an amazing country with fabulous people, wonderful food and the most stunning scenery.If you ask most people their images of Bangladesh will be made up of a series of disasters. From the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka through to flooding and typoons, any reference to Bangladesh is usually preceded by the word disaster.
However we have been working with Pebble toys in Bangladesh since 2010 and we are completely in love with the country. What most people don't know is exactly how beautiful Bangladesh is. It is really the most extraordinary country with fabulous people and the most amazing places to visit. It is also the home of Pebble toys and the inspiration behind their wild animal collection such as the Bangladesh Tiger.

If it wasn't for the lack of roads and hotels Bangladesh would definitely be one of the world's top tourist destinations. They would also have to improve their driving which is unbelievably scary. People turn their headlights off at night time to conserve their batteries which just about sums up the attitude towards safe driving!

There is still a lot of cycle powered transport and obviously walking.

Transport in Bangladesh          Old Gentleman        woman with goat

And the food! It really is fabulous. You might think that curry for breakfast would not be the best start to the day but when its cooked in Bangladesh its wonderful. If there was one single food I would like to see imported in to the UK it would be Bangladesh yogurt which really is the nectar of the Gods.

This is the country where Pebble toys come from. Pebble creates jobs in rural Bangladesh which means that people do not have to leave their homes and their families to move to Dhaka. Currently most of the jobs in rural Bangladesh are low paid labouring such as farming and cotton picking. Working for Pebble is better paid, more flexible and more reliable than these jobs which means people can depend on their wages.

Old man harvesting       chicken      child cotton picking

The rural centres are based where people live so that they can come to work and combine it with farming and childcare. Its not a perfect life but the money that working for Pebble generates makes all the difference.

While most Bangladesh people outside of Dhaka rely on farming for their livelihoods the coastal areas are still dominated by fishing.

Fishing    Boat builder  women with wood

Pebble have centres in all of these areas as both fishing and farming offer the same subsistence existence.

The Pebble Tiger we have is sell on the Bengal tiger which is the national symbol of Bangladesh and lives in the Sundarban area.  Numbers are declining and when we visited we saw only their footprints. 

However most of the Pebble animal toys we sell are not native to Bangladesh. I often wonder what the ladies must think as they crochet an octopus toy or even a Flamingo!      


We know that you buy Pebble toys because they are gorgeous, and it helps that they are also suitable from birth and machine washable. But its also nice to know that every time you buy a Pebble toy you are helping to create a better future for Bangladesh children and help preserve this beautiful country and the animals that live there.

Best Years Ltd, 


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