The Good Dinosaur.

We are very excited about the arrival of the new Pixar film " The Good Dinosaur" because it stars one of favourite dinosaurs, the diplodocus.
The diplodocus is thought to have been the longest dinosaurs measuring up to 27m and weighing 12 tonnes.

We can see why Pixar chose a diplodocus dinosaur to be the hero of their film because this peaceful, herbivore dinosaur lived in family packs and appears to have been the exact opposite of the ferocious T Rex.

There is absolutely no proof that they were orange, and we are pretty certain that thy weren't knitted so our diplodocus dinsoaur toy is probably not very realistic but he has such a sweet face that he has been a huge hit since he was first introduced.

Orange Diplodocus

Watch our video to see all our dinosaur toys and rattles and a sneak preview of what new toys we have planned for next year

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