Dinosaur Gifts Need Dinosaur Birthday Cards!

Our Dinosaur Toys have been so popular that it was only a matter of time before they were joined by coordinating Dinosaur Cards

 As our Dinosaurs are so distinctive we knew that we needed equally good cards sowe commissioned some young art students to come up with the designs, and we think they are just what every dinosaur mad kid would want on their birthday.

 Our first range is known to us as Cartoon Dinos. they are available with and without ages

Cartoon Dinos  T Rex  Diplodocus Triceratops

We then have our Dinosaur Cake range, again with and without specific ages.

Dinosaurs   Diplodocus

Now we are very happy to tell you about our next range of cards, Sporty Dinos. We think putting a T Rex with a football has got to be a success but what do you think?!

Dinosaur  T Rex with football  Triceratops  Stegosaurus

 You can see all our Dinosaur cards here

The new cards will be available very soon!

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