Sabre Tooth Tiger

How much do you know about Sabre Tooth Tigers?

For a start they are more closely related to modern day cats than the big cats of tigers and lions.

Their impressive canines were almost a foot long but very brittle, and once they broke they did not grow back.

Their jaws could open as wide as 120 degrees ( a lot like snakes today ) but they could not bite down very hard in case they broke their canines.

Scientists believe that the Sabre Tooth Tigers lurked in the lower branches of tress until their unsuspecting prey walked beneath them and then pounced inflicting a fatal wound before retreating to a safe distance to wait for their prey to expire.

They also believe that that they were pack animals, living and hunting together because they have found skeletons of older animals who would have been unlikely to survive without a pack looking out for them.

Why am I telling you all this? Well our new Sabre Tooth Tiger rattle is arriving in February and i thought you could use some facts to impress the kids (and their parents!) when they come in.  Although they are not dinosaurs, our new sabre tooth tigers will be found in our dinosaur toys category.

Sabre Tooth Tiger

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