Soft Toy Wholesaler Seeks Local Charity

As a toy company, one thing we do have is plenty of toys and we have traditionally supported charities by donating toys to them.  In recent years we have supported Peeple, Cancer Recovery and our local Foodbanks amongst others. 

We are now looking for a new charity to support that is local to one of our customers and we are looking for ideas.

We are looking for charities or organisations such as kid's football clubs, a women's refuge or a church hall which needs renovations or even a village trying to raise funds to open a pre-school. We would like it to be small, local and community based who we could team with.  We are conscious that many small charities have been badly hit by the Covid crisis and could do with a bit of extra help right now.

If you know of such an organisation all you have to is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details of what they do. We don't need a charity number but if they have one that's great. If not we just need something to prove that they are a proper organisation. We would hate to be an expose in the Daily Mail when it turns out the kids baton twirling club we thought we were supporting was actually a front for hate crimes :)

We will not be making any value judgements about what is the best charity, we will simply put all the suggestions in a hat and draw out the lucky one.

What we have to offer is donations of left over or excess wholesale soft toys as and when we have them and a financial donation at Christmas time. 




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