No Plastic and No Hidden Bacteria. Why Our My First Dinosaurs Make Great Bath Toys

There are not many parents who haven't experienced the horror of a bath toy suddenly ejecting mouldy black water, but now it appears that its not just disgusting its potentially harmful.

Recent research done by Swiss and Australian scientists has revealed that your bath toys can harbour dangerous bacteria. The bacteria was analysed and found to include both Legionella and a bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa which is normally found in hospital acquired infections.

The reason for this is that most plastic bath toys have a hole in them either to allow a squeeker to work or because of the way they are manufactured.

Water from the bath along with soap, dirt and sweat then goes in to the toy and becomes a fertile breeding ground for some really nasty bacteria.

Luckily we have a ready made solution for your bath time woes!

Our My First Dinosaur Toys are all handmade from environmentally friendly natural rubber. No plastic is involved, its all eco friendly and suitable from birth natural rubber. Its the same product used to make Sophie the Giraffe teether toys. The range includes Dinosaur toys, T Rex, Diplodocus, Triceratops and Woolly Mammoth and also our London bus and pigeon.

And they don't have any holes in them. so no where for water to get in (or out!)


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