Wedding List? Its All About Baby Showers Now

Move over wedding list, it’s all about baby shower gifts now.

Baby shower gifts and christening gifts may not be at the forefront of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s minds right now, but perhaps they be will in the near future. The Prince and his prospective bride have taken the guesswork out of gift giving for their wedding by generously requesting donations to a selection of charities instead. This begs the questions, is the writing on the wall for traditional wedding lists?
Traditionally wedding gifts were there to help the couple start a new home of their own. This would be the first time the couple would have lived together and they were dependent on the generosity of their friends and family to provide them with everything from knives and forks to sheets and towels. These days most couples are already cohabiting when they tie the knot, and the necessary linen, cutlery and crockery have all been bought a long time ago.
Where practical assistance does come in, is when the pitter-patter of tiny feet arrive. And that’s where baby shower gifts come into their own.

 Baby shower gifts fill a practical gap

Baby shower gifts and christening gifts fill an extremely useful gap. Whether you like it or not, baby showers are de rigeur. And they’ve been made all the more popular since 2013, when the Duchess of Cambridge’s first baby shower went ahead with the Queen’s blessing. And when you think about it, in modern times, coming together to celebrate the imminent arrival of a child, and presenting a gift for the new baby, is very practical.

Whilst I think we can presume that a royal baby shower is a no expense spared affair, the non-royal version doesn't have to break the bank.

Its a great opportunity to give a mother-to-be something that she may not otherwise have treated herself for her baby. Little luxuries like baby blankets or a special baby toy are always very welcome. Our blankets are fair trade and hand made so you can know that not only will the new baby be kept comfy and warm there will be another family who also benefits from your purchase. We also have a fabulous Humpty Dumpty baby toy which will be a real treat for any parent and child.

Organic gifts for baby showers

Most mothers are fully prepared in terms of the practical purchases, so a baby shower is the perfect opportunity to surprise and delight her with a gift that she will treasure. Whilst one would presume that a royal baby shower is a no expense spared affair, the non-royal version doesn’t have to break the bank. Our organic comforters are very popular and start at only £7.99. Of course they come in the obligatory pink stripes and blue stripes, but if your mum-to-be doesn’t yet know what sex her baby is, then there are plenty of gender neutral options.

A lot of new mums would like to opt for organic baby clothes as they are known to be less irritable on delicate skin, so why not take this opportunity to bulk up the baby’s new wardrobe with an organic baby hat, baby grow or trousers. And if you really want to push the boat out, there are some beautiful cotton baby blankets in our ever-popular baby range. 

Having received the royal seal of approval, baby showers look set to grow in popularity. And who can really begrudge a mum-to-be an opportunity to drink tea, eat cake and get excited about the imminent arrival of their baby?  Not us, that’s for sure!


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