Organic Baby Toys - Under the Nile organic toys from Egypt

What's so different about our range of Under the Nile organic baby toys? There's lots of things which mark these super soft organic baby toys as special as Liz and I found out when we went to see them being made.

Its probably no surprise to hear that Under the Nile baby toys are made in Egypt, so that's one major difference between our organic comforters and others you can buy.

But did you know that as well as being organic they are also fair trade and upcycled too?

Making organic baby clothes always creates a certain amount of wasted material. The material has to be made in set batch quantities and this is not always all used when the collections are put together. This is where we come in. Rather than let the material go to waste we use it to make baby comforters.

The Under the Nile organic comforters are made from any excess material left over from making the baby clothes. It means we can't chose the designs but we think this is a fair price to pay to stop it going in to landfill.

The material is then sewn in to our organic comforters by a fair trade organisation which creates jobs for women who would otherwise not be able to earn a salary. They make the toys in their own homes which means they can earn money while still looking after homes and children

How many other baby toys do you know that are organic, fair trade and upcycled? That's another major difference between our organic comforters and the others which are available.

Finally our organic comforters are 100% organic and that includes the stuffing which is also 100% organic cotton. Most organic toys are stuffed with polyester or acrylic. Its cheap, easy to use and machine washable, but ours have organic cotton. Its still a practical but its more difficult to use when stuffing the toys, and more expensive which is why we are one of the very few places where you can buy 100% organic comforters.


However Under the Nile toys are made in an environment where they make their own organic fertiliser, to grow their own organic cotton, to make their own organic cloth. Polyester and acrylic just don't come in to it. they are 100% organic cotton from the tips of their cute toes all the way up!

 So if you are looking for organic baby toys please have a look at our Under the Nile toys. We think you'll like them!

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