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Fashions in parenting come and go, but there are somethings which are always popular and baby comforters are definitely one of them. Our organic comforters from Under the Nile are sweet, super soft and 100% organic cotton, perfect for a baby gift.

Although new born babies do not need a baby comforter experts believe that its a good idea to start introducing a comforter to the sleep routine quite early on. Most parents have a routine before bedtime, bath time and feeding or even lying down with the baby which is great but does require the parent to be present for the baby to sleep.

If a baby comforter is introduced in to this routine, it becomes associated with sleep and is therefore a great way to tell your baby it’s time to sleep. 

With any luck your baby should start sleeping for longer stretches from about 4 months, and they could start sleeping through the night at around 6 months. Then just as things are settling down the first separation anxiety begins around 9-12 months old. As your baby develops emotionally they become aware that they are a separate individual to their mother and that their carer is not always there to give them comfort. 

If a comforter has been introduced at an early age it can make this transition a lot easier. When your baby moves in to their light stage of sleeping, they realise that their parent is no longer with them. However, if they have a comforter then they have something with associations of security and with their parent which they can then to settle themselves and self-soothe themselves back to sleep.

The best way to get your baby acquainted with a comforter is to start by putting the comforter between you and your baby during feeding. Encourage your baby to hold the comforter while feeding so it becomes associated not only with you but with the feeling of being relaxed and secure. You could also wear the comforter next to your skin so that it picks up your scent.

When choosing a comforter look for the following things.

  1. Not too big. Its best if it can be held in small hands and in the future it helps a lot if it is small enough to be popped in to a handbag.
    2. It must be machine washable. A baby comforter will be chewed and dribbled on constantly. It will also undoubtedly get sick and food on it at various times so the ability for it to go straight in to a washing machine is invaluable.
    3. Make sure that it can be replaced (or buy 2 or 3 at the same time). There are few things which are as upsetting or frustrating as losing a child's comforter. It also helps when you need to wash one that they can be rotated.
    4. Make sure that the fabric is breathable, cotton, bamboo or muslin are best.
    5. If possible then an organic comforter is preferable. It takes a lot of chemicals to grow cotton and since you want the comforter to be close to your baby then its great to have the security of knowing that organic cotton does not contain any chemicals.

There’s a couple of No-Nos. For safety's sake make sure they are not stuffed with beans, and also that they do not have long fur.  They should never have small parts like bead eyes.

So a baby comforter can help your baby sleep through the night which is great for both baby and parent. However it is also good for toddlers. A comforter can be great for when your toddler is upset or ill. It can also be a help when a child first goes to child care or nursery as it can help them when they are experiencing separation anxiety. 

There have been studies which show that children who have a comforter are more able to deal with stressful situations, and can be more well adjusted as they grow older. Not 100% sure how true this is, and how long the effects of having a comforter will stay with your child but as Penelope Leach says " A cuddly stays with your baby like a piece of parental love"

We have a full range of organic comforters from our fair trade Partner Under the Nile, but please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like any more information. 




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