How to Make Bath Time Fun for Toddlers? Sensory Play and Dinosaur Bath Toys!

Bath toys can make the difference between bath time being fun and a struggle and our bath toy dinosaurs can make your bath time routine a roaring success.

Bath time should be a lovely shared time when you have young kids, a relaxing and fun way to start bed time routine. However sometimes it can be a struggle just to get young kids in to the bath, and an upset child is the last thing you want just before bedtime.

To make bath time fun for toddlers there are the perennial favourites such as foam beards and spiked up hair, as well as making the flannel a puppet. Existing popular songs can also be changed to suit bath time fun so The wheels on the Bus becomes The Toys in the Bath etc

If you are looking for new ideas then the best news is that water is perfect for sensory play for kids so there are some quick and easy ways to hopefully turn any bath time grumpiness to a fun time for everyone.

  • Filling up different size containers with water. Not only is this a game that small children are happy to play for hours but also just by using words such as full, half empty this actually becomes educational as your young child is introduced to the new concepts of “empty” and “full” a fun way. If you want to add more educational ideas try asking your child to line their toys up from big to small or count the number of red items and yellow items in the bath. All simple concepts to us, but a great way to get a young child’s brain thinking.
  • Different colours in the bath. You can theme your bath time with different colours. The simple way to do this is to just add a little food colouring to the bath. Don’t forget to test it on your skin first! Its not supposed to stain but there have been instances of it irritating eczema so best to try it on yourself first. If you want to take it one step further you could add oils such as lavender or eucalyptus at the same time. Such a quick and easy way to introduce different colours and smells to interest your child in bath time.
  • Bath toys. Obviously we are going to recommend our own dinosaur bath toys because who wouldn’t want to share their bath with a T Rex? However what is so good about our bath toys is that they don’t have a hole in them so no nasty surprises with mould being ejected in to your bath. They also float as well as a rubber duck so great for Dinosaur themed play.

What are the best bath time fun games for your toddlers? Please join the conversation on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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