New Baby Gifts. Fantastic new baby gifts you can send through the post.

There are very few things as exciting as the arrival of a new born baby but visiting them is now just another thing the Coronavirus makes more difficult. So we have come up with some ideas of great new baby gifts you can send by post.

Visiting a mother when they first bring their new baby home was always something you had to be careful about. A visit could either help a mother as she struggled with the exhaustion only a new baby can bring, or it could make her feel worse. Turning up unexpectedly and wanting a cup of tea was never going to endear you to a mother especially if she was juggling a new baby with other children! However a well timed visit and present could lift spirits and who doesn’t want their new born baby to be admired?

The advent of Coronavirus has now made it almost impossible to visit a new baby so family and friends are resorting to the post to send baby gifts to wish many congratulations.

But what can you send that will be well received by the mother, which will survive the journey through the postal system and will not cost the earth to send? Our baby toys are light and robust enough to go through the post so the only question is which one to chose?

Here is a selection of our favourite new baby toys.

  1. Organic baby comforters. Most babies will have a particular comfort toy they love and our baby comforters are organic and fair trade and are also machine washable. We have blogged about why babies love a baby comforter, and how they can help them sleep as they get a bit older, so this is not only a very sweet gift it is also a very useful one too!
  2. Organic white bunny rattle. Tactile knitted cotton bunny rattle in knitted white cotton. If  you are unsure of a new mother's tastes you cannot go wrong with this sweet knitted white bunny rattle, and its even machine washable.
    And our new baby bunny rattle even has it own coordinating Congratulations New Baby Card

  3. If the new mother loves pastel colours then we have our organic pastel diplo rattles in pink and blue. Tactile knitted cotton with a gentle rattle they have the sweetest faces and matching new baby cards are available. A perfect new baby gift.
  4. Organic and fair trade matching booties and hats. Accept in the warmest weather babies can get cold feet and will need to be kept warm if out at night. Our matching new born baby hats and booties are available in some gorgeous colours to suit all tastes.
  5. Black and white sensory toys. A new baby cannot actually see colour until they are over 3 months old so our black and white sensory toys make perfect new baby gifts. As they are crochet they also appeal to the sense of touch and the rattle is a great way to attract a baby's attention. 
    zebra soft toy

    All of our new baby gifts are suitable from birth, tested to EN71 and CE and are machine washable so you can be sure that you are sending something which is not only gorgeous but safe too.
    For more information on our range of new baby gifts please see our website.

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