Why Are Black and White Baby Toys Best for New Born Babies?

Black and white baby toys are among the best sensory toys available. Our black and white baby toys are handmade in tactile crochet, have sharply contrasting colours and a gentle rattle which will appeal to all your baby’s senses and help their development.

A new born baby can look as if they are not doing very much when in fact their bodies are busily firing up and developing all the brain synapses which will help them to develop and grow.

As with all things practise makes perfect, and stimulating a baby’s senses, their sight, touch and sound, will help their brain development.

A new born baby can only see white, black and shades of grey, because their eyes and capacity for sight are not fully developed at birth. As you can imagine a new born baby is more accustomed to a muted world than one with so many colours and variations.

Perhaps its for this reason that to start with a baby can only see contrasting colours, and cannot distinguish pastels colours. They can see high contrasting colours such as black and white which is why they love to look at high contrast objects and toys.

In their blurry world a black and white toy is something they can focus on, and it is this focus which helps develop their eye sight. It also helps to develop their attention span. Baby brains can interpret what the contrast of black and white toys is which encourages them to concentrate on the toy or object for longer.

So black and white toys help support a baby’s visual development, encouraging them to engage and offering enough stimulation to them interested for short periods of time.

This is why black and white toys are so good, but why do we think ours are the best?

The high contrasting colours will help a baby to focus and hold their attention but what makes our black and white toys so special is that they also encourage the sense of hearing with their gentle rattle. Unlike sight a baby can hear very clearly when they are first born, and it is thought they can recognise your voice from birth having heard it while still in the womb. Rattling a baby toy beside a baby will encourage their curiosity and help them to distinguish sounds.

Touch is also a great way to help your baby develop. Our black and white toys are tactile crochet so help babies explore different textures.

It is 2nd nature to us as adults to understand different sounds and textures but to a baby it is all new. They need to process these different sensory messages and this both keeps the interested and entertained and also helps their brains develop in those formative first months. Giving your baby a range of different sensory play is a great way to help stimulate their brain development.

The other big reason why we think our toys are the best is that all of our black and white crochet toys are fair trade and handmade by our fair trade partner in Bangladesh so not only are they great for your baby but they are also helping other families to have a happier and healthier life too.

And finally our black and white baby toys are 100% safe for new born babies and machine washable. Great when your baby has had a good chew of their toy!

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