Our Newest Dinosaur Toy – Yellow Pterodactyl toy & rattle

Our dinosaur toys are great fun and sturdy enough to withstand the most robust of play. A knitted pterodactyl makes a great dinosaur gift. We are very happy to announce the arrival of ouryellow pterodactyl toys to our large dinosaur toy family.

Pterodactyl toys are great gifts for dinosaur mad kids both because they are more unusual than the T Rex and Diplodocus dinosaur toys, but also because they are so fascinating as a species. These flying reptiles are at the same time viewed as dinosaurs but are not actually dinosaurs, and although they are flying animals they are not birds.

Five facts about Pterodactyls

  1. Pterodactyls are not actually dinosaurs so scientists may quibble about us describing our pterodactyls as dinosaur toys. Pterodactyls were from the family called Pterosaurs. Unlike Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs were all carnivorous but like Dinosaurs they laid eggs rather than had babies.
  2. The word pterodactyl comes from the Greek, meaning winged finger. This is because the wings of pterodactyls were attached to a specially adapted 4th
  3. Pterodactyls were the largest ever creature to fly, and the first animal to fly after insects
  4. Weirdly scientists have recently discovered that pterodactyls were actually covered in fluff which they used to keep warm.
  5. It’s estimated that Pterodactyls had 90 teeth in their beaks.
  6. They didn’t have feathers, but they had very lightweight bones which obviously helped flight
  7. The closest living animal to Pterosaurs are actually
  8. The wingspan of a pterodactyl is estimated to have varied from around 1m up to11m which is about the same length as a bus.
  9. The young Pterodactyls are called Flaplings
  10. Pterodactyls were cold blooded.

Pterodactyl lived around the same time as Diplodocus and Stegosaurus which was a lot before the infamous T Rex dinosaurs.

Our large pterodactyl toy is an impressive 30cm high x 30cm wide so perfect for the dinosaur mad kid, and since there are no small parts or hard edges it is suitable for even the youngest of dinosaur fans.

Pterodactyl joke - Why can’t you hear when a pterodactyl is in the toilet – because the p is silent.

Our pterodactyl toy is available as a baby rattle, a dinosaur toy and even a dinosaur Christmas decoration.

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