Why Choose a Dinosaur Teddy?

We all like to give our kids teddies, but why choose a dinosaur teddy instead of a more traditional bear or bunny? Here are 3 reasons why we think a dinosaur teddy is the best choice.

Most people had teddies when they were growing up which is why we like to give them to young children. Having loved our own teddies we like to think of passing on the pleasure. We also see them as a comfort to young children, both as a friend and a reassuring presence of familiar things.

1. A Dinosaur Teddy is great for babies, toddlers and children.
A knitted dinosaur teddy is perfect from birth up to toddler and pre-school companion, 3 toys in one.
For young babies it is soft enough for cuddles, and tactile and bright enough to be a sensory toy, plus when they are toddlers our dinosaur teddies are robust enough for the roughest of toddler play.
As they grow older a child’s favourite teddy also acts as a source of reassurance and familiarity, and we may be biased but here at Best Years we can think of nothing more reassuring than having a dinosaur toy at your side!.
Finally children develop their communication skills and learn how to process their emotions by playing with their teddies. As they act out different games with their teddy
it helps them develop problem solving skills as they work through problems and social situations with their teddy.

Obviously this can all be done with a bear but a dinosaur teddy brings in huge play value, especially if they are as sturdy as our dinosaur toys.

2. Intense Learning
Intense learning is the expression used for the almost obsessive interest young children develop on specific subjects. The two most common subjects for kids to develop this interest in is transport (cars/diggers/trains etc) and dinosaurs
A university in America studied this Intense Learning and showed that it had a positive impact on the intellectual development of children. In addition, another study concluded that these intense interests were beneficial to a child’s attention span and improved their ability to engage in complex thinking.

We are not claiming that a dinosaur teddy is an educational toy, especially as we think that a good toy is to entertain and develop rather than educate, but if a dinosaur toy helps encourage an interest which leads to intense learning that’s got to be a good thing.

 3. Dinosaurs are great!
If you want the biggest ever animal then Dinosaurs have it. The Argentinosaurus was a gigantic herbivore measuring up to 115 feet long and weighing up to around 85 tons
Weirdest Dinosaur? There are quite a few to choose from! The Pegomastax was dinosaur described as a cross between a parrot and porcupine, which had a beak with teeth that sharpened themselves against each other. Or the Suzhousaurus which looked a bit like a rat, but 3m tall and weighing 1300kgs.
Fiercest Dinosaur? Everyone knows about the T Rex but the Utahraptor, which was about 7m tall and combined agility with cunning, was probably a more ferocious predator.

From the smallest (lesothosaurus) to the quickest (Dromiceiomimus) dinosaurs are endlessly fascinating


So next time you are choosing a teddy for a new baby or for a gift why not choose a dinosaur teddy?

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