Why Do We Call our Wooden Elephant Stacker Toys Thunpath Rena?

All of our fair trade wooden toys are handmade in Sri Lanka, a country famous both for sunshine and for elephants. The idea for an elephant stacker toy came from our fair trade producer because elephants hold huge significance in Sri Lanka, both culturally and economically.

Sri Lanka is one of the few places in the world where you can see elephants in the wild, with an estimated 5000 elephants living in the wild.
The Sri Lankan subspecies is the largest of the Asian elephants, distinctively dark with patches of skin with no skin colour on its ears, face, trunk and stomach.

The herd size in Sri Lanka ranges from 12-20 individuals or more and it is led by the oldest female, or matriarch.

Babies are cared for by the herd, and more specifically by a family unit called Thunpath Rena. This comprises of the Mother, Baby and another adult female elephant normally the mother’s sister. This trio bond together and the calf is nurtured and protected within this trio.

When we heard about this lovely behaviour it was only natural that we wanted our elephant stacker toys to be developed with this in mind. Our wooden stacker toys therefore have a cute baby elephant protected by 2 larger elephants.

Our wooden toys are designed to encourage open play which is why our elephant stackers can be stacked, balanced and played with by young children. The accessible and recognisable elephant shape makes these stacker toys appealing to all children and the Thunpath Rena is a great story to share with older children.

Our Thunpath Rena elephant stackers are available in 3 colours which coordinate with our fair trade wooden rainbow toys, pastel, contemporary and traditional colours.

All our fair trade wooden toys are made from upcycled wood using paints safe for babies.

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