Dinosaur Christmas Decoration or Dog Christmas Decoration? Your Choice!

Whether you prefer Dinosaur Christmas decorations or Sausage Dog Christmas decorations when do most people put up their Xmas trees? And do people buy new Christmas decorations every year? We have the answers to the most important Xmas questions!

Many Xmas traditions have changed through the years. For instance it was once common for households to send up to 300 Xmas cards out but now this has dropped to just 11 per family.

Advent calendars used to be for children and the biggest treat was Chocolate ones, but now advent calendars are as much for adults and can contain anything from make up to alcohol.

One tradition which has remained constant is the Xmas tree with other 85% of households putting a tree up to celebrate Xmas, and it is still viewed as one of the most enjoyable aspects of Xmas.

The tradition is that Xmas trees should be up the 4th Sunday before Xmas, which in 2023 is 3rd Dec, but given that Xmas Day is on a Monday it could be that some people will take this as 26th November. It is likely therefore that most households will put their Xmas tree up the week from 25th Nov.

There are a small minority of Xmas mad people who put their Xmas tree up even before November, but its only 3%, as compared to 13% who succumb in November. The majority of trees go up in the first 2 weeks of December with 51% of people putting their trees up during this time.

And a solid 8.5% of people wait until the last couple of days before Xmas before putting their tree up

It appears that one of the main factors influencing when you put your Xmas tree up is your age. The younger you are the more likely you are to put your tree up early!

The trend towards artificial Xmas trees continues with the majority of people opting not to have a real tree. It is only in the largest cities, places where nature is presumably harder to find, that real trees are still favoured.

Surprisingly even in the days of Instagram only 63% of households have a theme for their Xmas trees with most still having a combination of new and old Xmas decorations reflecting their family’s pets, hobbies and history.

However one thing that has changed is that now over 40% of households have more than one Xmas tree.

Do people buy new Xmas decorations every year? Absolutely yes. In total an average of £185 is spent on Xmas decorating but this includes everything from wreaths to lights and out door decorations.

Most people spend around £50 per year on updating their Xmas decorations and shopping for new Xmas decorations is viewed as an enjoyable activity for everyone.

As consultant psychologist Dr Elena Touroni commented "Christmas activities like decorating the house or the tree are happy (and often shared) experiences that provide a temporary break from the reality of what’s happening in the world right now."

Astonishingly 17% of men spend over £150 per year on Xmas decorations. We’d love to see their Xmas trees!

Where traditional glass baubles are still popular many people love more fun Xmas decorations. Our soft toy Xmas decorations are a great way to add in some fun and being unbreakable when you have small kids and pets is a valuable attribute!

In terms of design things have definitely moved on from straight forward baubles. Along with traditional designs such as robins and penguins you can now have everything from a sausage dog Xmas decoration to commemorate your pet to dinosaur Xmas decoration for your dinosaur mad kids. Our range stretches from a shark to an astronaut to a toucan Xmas decoration.


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