Baby T Rex toy or T Rex toy for Baby

What is the difference between a baby T Rex and our baby t rex toy? It transpires that baby t rex were fluffy and quite weak while our baby t rex toy is robust and tactile. But whether you are looking for a T Rex toy for a baby or information on baby T Rex you have come to the right place!

The vision of T Rex dinosaur is always one of huge strength and ferocity but in recent years scientists have discovered that baby T Rex were more like ducklings than our vision of ferocious predators. They were vulnerable both to disease and predators and many died before they reached one year old.

An adult T Rex would stand 13m high, and weigh 9 tons, but when first hatched the baby t rex were approximately the size of a turkey.

It is estimated that the mum T Rex would lay about 20 eggs but well over half of baby t rex died in their first year, killed by disease or other predators. If they survived their first year they grew rapidly gaining over 700 kilos per year! That’s quite some growth. Along the way they shed their feather and fur and gained a tough skin instead.

There didn’t appear to be a huge amount of nurturing as adult and baby T Rex hunted in different areas. The baby T Rex were smaller and lighter, and without the sheer force of the adult T Rex so they went for different prey

They reached maturity at around 20 years old when they would have resembled the T Rex we all recognise now.

In contrast we purposefully made our first T Rex baby toy non-fluffy. Instead our baby t rex toy range is made from tactile knitted fabric. The range starts with a sensory t rex baby toy. Suitable from birth and with a light crackle it is machine washable so is perfect for even the most dribbly of babies.

As your baby grows older we then have a wide range of dinosaur rattles and dinosaur toys to suit all dinosaur mad kids. We even have wooden Dinosaur toys and dinosaur bath toys too. And unlike baby T Rex our dinosaur toys last a lot longer than a year (and they don't gain weight either!)

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