Blast Off to Fun! Space Toys for Space Mad Kids of All Ages

We are proud to announce the arrival the first of our space themed toys for space mad kids of all ages. Arriving first are our rocket and astronaut soft toys, rocket and astronaut baby rattles plus we also have hanging decorations.

All through history the allure of space exploration has always captivated the imaginations of both kids and adults. From Galileo's pioneering telescope use in 1610 to Neil Armstrong's historic moon landing in 1969, our curiosity about space and the night skies has remained steadfast. With the resurgence of space programs by countries like the USA and India, this fascination is reaching new heights. 

In recent years, space exploration has taken a more pragmatic turn. Since 2000 there has been a continuous presence of astronauts aboard the International Space Station but not much else to fire up kid's imaginations. However, the excitement is about to be rekindled in 2024 as America relaunches its space program, aiming to send astronauts back to the moon in 2025. India's first space mission in 2023 was amazingly successful and the upcoming Artemis 2 launch in November 2024 will only add to the cosmic buzz.

That's exactly why we are thrilled to introduce our new range of Space Toys for Space Mad Kids of all ages. To our minds these toys are not just playthings, they're a perfect way to access a universe of imagination and space exploration. 

Our collection includes Astronaut and Rocket designs available as Space Dolls, Space Baby Rattles, and Hanging Ornamentss. Just like our popular dinosaur toys, our space-themed dolls and rattles are ageless, gender-neutral, and ethnically inclusive. They're a great way to encourage your child's imagination, they are adaptable to all and any games they want to play on any given day. Plus, they're perfect for sibling play, breaking free from gender stereotypes and age restricted toys.These Space-themed toys empower kids to imagine they could become astronauts, mission commanders, or even cosmic explorers as they embark on adventures through the vast skies and uncharted planets of their imagination.

Not only do Astronaut and Space toys fuel imaginative play, but they also serve as educational tools. Children are naturally inquisitive, and playing with an astronaut doll is guaranteed to spark questions about space missions and the physics of interstellar travel. As a parent you might find yourself having to delve deeper into space travel than you ever did in school!

And who knows? Your budding astronaut might be the one to take those historic steps on Mars or explore distant galaxies in the future. Until then, let the space adventures commence with our astronaut dolls, sparking curiosity and igniting the love for space exploration in your child. 


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