Our eco toy range include sustainable organic cotton toys and sustainable wooden toys, fair trade toys, handmade toys and organic toys.

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kingfisher lifestyle

Knitted Kingfisher Soft Toy

Our kingfisher soft toy is part of a range of cotton bird soft toys. This brightly coloured bird is unmistakable when spotted flying rapidly over water hunting for fish or sitting patiently by the

Sales price: £12.99
robin lifestyle

Knitted Cotton Robin Soft Toy

Our robin redbreast soft toy is made from a cotton knit with recycled polyester fill. The robin is often described as the UK's favourite bird and can be seen up and down the land in both gardens,

Sales price: £12.99
blackbird lifestyle

Knitted Cotton Blackbird Soft Toy

The blackbird is one of the most common birds in the UK and one of the most striking. The female blackbird is in fact brown often with spots and streaks on their breasts. Our blackbird soft toy is

Sales price: £12.99
Wooden pigeon piece
wooden dino packaging 12001

Fair Trade Wooden Pigeon Toy

Handmade wooden pigeon toy. Part of our London range of wooden and soft toys, this pigeon wooden toy is perfect for imaginative play as well as stacking and balancing. Children learn through play

Sales price: £5.00
Wooden Taxi piece
wooden dino packaging 1200

Fair Trade Wooden London Taxi Cab Toy

Handmade wooden black London taxi cab. This traditional wooden toy is part of our London range of toys. These London wooden toys are perfect for imaginative play and for stacking and balancing.

Sales price: £5.00
Wooden bus piece
wooden dino packaging 120017

Fair Trade Wooden London Bus Toy

Handmade London double decker red bus wooden toy. Designed for little hands, these wooden London themed toys are perfect for imaginative play and for stacking and balancing. Children learn through

Sales price: £5.00
Wooden London Balancing toy

Fair Trade Wooden London Balance Stacking Game

London themed wooden balancing toy. This handmade wooden toy is designed as a balancing game to help young children to develop balancing skills and fine motor skills through a fun game. The arc has

Sales price: £24.99
7979screen 10x12
horse lifestyle

Knitted Organic Cotton Horse Soft Toy

Our horse soft toy is part of our new range of farmyard soft toys. Horses have a long relationship with humans having been domesticated and used for farming, in battles and for carrying people and

Sales price: £17.99
7978screen 10x12
pig lifestyle

Knitted Organic Cotton Pig Soft Toy

Our sweet little pink pig soft toy in organic cotton is part of our new range of farmyard soft toys. Nobody can fail to be charmed by this little sweet pig with its bright cheeks and snout. Ideal

Sales price: £17.99
Knitted Orb rattle
orb - royal stamp 1200x

Knitted Organic Cotton Orb Baby Rattle Ivory

Our knitted orb baby rattle is part of our range of Coronation gifts to commemorate the King's coronation. This rattle is the ideal size for litte hands to grasp and babies will love the gentle

Sales price: £12.99
small grey diplo dinosaur 1200 x7
small and large organic diplo grey

Knitted Organic Cotton Diplodocus Small Dinosaur Toy

Our popular organic cotton diplodocus dinosaur soft toy in grey with teal spots is now available in a small size. Part of our Scandi range of toys, this small diplodocus dinosaur toy is made from

Sales price: £18.99

Fair Trade Organic Cotton Baby Comforter Yellow & White Stripes

Organic cotton baby comforter in yellow & white stripes with a yellow hat. PLEASE NOTE. Our comforters are made using organic fabrics left over from the manufacture of baby clothes. We are only

Sales price: £11.99
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