5 Christmas Gifts Suitable for Vegan Kids

If you are not vegan it can be daunting to buy gifts suitable for vegan kids which are also fun and will be appreciated by the kids.
We're here to help and here are our top suggestions for Christmas gifts for vegan kids.

There are many reasons why people follow a vegan diet. For some it is ethical, others are motivated by environmental reasons and for others it is for health reasons. Probably most vegans are influenced by all 3 and since no two vegan families will be the same we have suggestions for gifts which are suitable for all vegan kids.
If families are doing it for health reasons they may not be too bothered about materials derived from animals such as wool, while others will feel very passionately about it. We have erred on the side of caution and suggested toys which would be suitable for all vegan kids.

While it is important that toys for vegan kids are made from suitable materials they also need to be fun. If a toy is not appreciated and played with then it is not a good gift, even if it is suitable for vegans so we have suggested a range which should appeal to most children.

When buying gifts suitable for vegans avoid materials such as Wool, Alpaca, Cashmere, Felt and Silk. They may be luxurious but they are also derived from animals so are not suitable for vegans.

Cotton and bamboo are the best materials for vegan baby toys. Acrylic is also good as it is vegan and although manmade it is as environmentally friendly as cotton (unless the cotton is organic).

As well as choosing materials which are suitable for vegans some vegan families will want to avoid toys which promote farms or zoos and some will also not want toys which reflect planes as they are so damaging to our environment. It is fair to say that it is unlikely that vegan families would want toys such as guns or swords.
However toys still need to be fun and engaging.

Organic baby comforters
Not only are our organic baby comforters made from 100% organic cotton they are stuffed with organic cotton and they are also fair trade. In terms of suitability for vegan gifts cotton is a good fabric especially if organic. In addition our organic comforters are also upcycled, made from material which would otherwise have gone to landfill so they are also environmentally friendly.

Fair trade wooden toys
All our wooden toys are suitable for vegans but our fair trade wooden toys are also upcycled as they are made from wood which is a by-product of tea farming. Our wooden toys have been designed to encourage open play so that the child can create their own games with the toys. Stacking and balancing toys are great toys for kids of all ages.

Natural Rubber Dinosaur Toys
Natural rubber is a great alternative to plastic and is also suitable as a gift for vegan kids. Our natural rubber dinosaur toys are bright, tactile and robust. They do not have holes in them so they can be used in the bath without mould water congealing inside the toy.

Knitted Dinosaur Toys
Acrylic is suitable for vegans and our dinosaur toys are a lot of fun. Designs stretch from T Rex to Diplodocus to Pterodactyls so perfect for the dinosaur mad kids.


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