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A large range of cuddly dinosaur toys stretching from dinosaur rattles through to supersized dinosaur toys. Includes the widest possible selection of T Rex toys.

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Large Knitted T Rex Dinosaur Soft Toy

We know we shouldn't boast but you know you've got a great Dinosaur when your Dinosaur toy is on Mr Tumble. Our large green T Rex dinosaur toy is a regular feature on the CBeebies favourite which

Sales price: £24.99
Triceratops with painting

Knitted Large Red Triceratops Soft Toy.

While the T Rex toy has been featured in Toy Story and Peppa Pig and the Diplodocus has The Good Dinosaur film the Triceratops has never made it to the big time. Given how gorgeous our bright red

Sales price: £24.99
diplo with blocks

Large Orange Diplodocus Soft Toy

The original Diplodocus was 90 - 175 feet long and weighed up to 12 tons. Our large, orange knitted Diplodocus is not as large as that but he is a wonderfully large dinosaur toy! Such a large

Sales price: £24.99

Supersize Dinosaur Soft Toy, Knitted Green T Rex

Our wonderful green T Rex super sized knitted dinosaur soft toy is suitable for all ages. This dinosaur is sure to be a giant success with every child and will make a striking impact in any bedroom

Sales price: £55.00
T Rex for POS

Dinosaur Soft Toy, Knitted Green T Rex

We like to think that our knitted T Rex dinosaur toy was the inspiration for George's dinosaur on Peppa Pig. We have no proof of this except that our dinosaur toy is green and is often bought as a

Sales price: £14.99
Knitted dinosaur Triceratops
triceratops with blocks

Red Triceratops Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy.

It maybe called a Triceratops but really it should be a Diatops because this dinosaur had only 2 real horns - The little one on his snout was not actually made of horn. Whether its a Triceratops

Sales price: £14.99
stripe T rex and his dog

Dinosaur Soft Toy, Knitted Stripe T Rex.

Take one T Rex Dinosaur Toy and make it stripey! Our ever popular T Rex knitted dinosaur soft toy is now available in gorgeous stripes. How can you resist this cute T Rex dinosaur toy? Suitable

Sales price: £14.99
T Rex rattle

Small Knitted T Rex Toy Rattle

Our best selling small green T Rex rattle is great for babies and toddlers. This dinosaur rattle is a perfect size for baby to play with during tummy time with its soft stimulating rattle sound.

Sales price: £9.99

Small Knitted Dinosaur Toy, Blue Stegosaurus baby rattle

This small blue Stegosaurus rattle is one of our best selling knitted dinosaur rattles for babies. With it striking blue colour and soothing rattle sound, it is the perfect size for babies and

Sales price: £9.99
Knitted dinosaur Triceratops2
Diplo Triceratops and T Rex rattles

Red Triceratops Soft Toy Baby Rattle

Best Year's sweet small red Triceratops knitted dinosaur rattle is a perfect gift for any new baby. This knitted dinosaur soft toy rattle has a soothing sound and is the perfect size for babies and

Sales price: £9.99
Triceratops and diplo sunset

Small Knitted Orange Diplodocus Soft Toy Rattle

Did you know that the neck and tail of the Diplodocus Dinosaur consisted of 100 vertebrae while humans have just 33. No wonder everyone wants to see Dippy on his Dinosaur Tour. There is definitely

Sales price: £9.99
stripe t rex with trains

Small Knitted Stripe T Rex Toy Rattle

This gorgeous small knitted dinosaur rattle is suitable from birth and machine washable making it a perfect gift for a new baby. Our green T Rex has always been a popular so what better way to expand

Sales price: £9.99
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