Why do our Dinosaur toys make great Toys for Toddlers.

Why do we think that our dinosaur toys for toddlers are such a good idea? Dinosaur toys and Dinosaur teddies are great for all ages but with toddlers they are both fun, and a great way to encourage developmental milestones.

What exactly is a toddler? A toddler is usually defined as a child between 1-3 years old, which is a time of huge development in their emotional, physical and mental abilities. They will learn to walk, and to talk and they will grow both more and less dependent on you. During this time they will climb stairs, learn how to hold a crayon, and stack blocks on top of another. They will start to use short sentences and even (sometimes) follow simple instructions.

At no other time in their lives will they take such big strides so no wonder that they sometimes suffer from complete melt downs.

It’s a hugely exciting time, and a time when open play is particularly great for toddlers. It allows the child takes the lead in the game and follow their own curiosity.  It is also a great way for toddlers to learn new skills and increase their confidence.
Soft toys are perfect for open play as they enable the child to imagine numerous different scenarios for the child and their play mate to enact. And our Dinosaur soft toys are great for toddlers they are both practical and educational.

Practical because they are robust enough to withstand even the roughest of toddler play and are also machine washable so can dunked in muddy puddles without problems. They are not breakable, they are both tactile and safe. Toddlers still put many things in to their mouths and there are no small parts on our dinosaur toys for this to be an issue.
Educational not because we expect toddlers to learn how to spell Pterodactyl but because they can help you initiate conversations with your toddler. At its simplest level you can talk about size and colour (lets play with the green dinosaur and line up the dinosaur toys with the biggest one here and the smallest there)
For fine motor skills you can try throwing a dinosaur toy from hand to hand. Or balance them on top of each other, or on top of your head! When you drop them there is no problems with breakages, and if they get dirty just pop them in the washing machine.

As your child gets older then you can use the dinosaur toys to introduce new words to them – the big dinosaur toy can be huge, gigantic, mighty, large, bulky or solid. The orange dinosaur toy can be bright, vivid, colourful.  Introducing new words through play is a great way to increase a child’s vocabulary.

You can also talk about emotions because the dinosaur toys expressions are not fixed as happy or sad, so their emotions can be what ever your child imagines them to be.
You can promote empathy by imagining that the diplodocus is feeling sad/lonely and your toddler can think of ways to cheer them up.

All this is why we think our dinosaur toys are perfect for toddler toys, but don’t just take our word for it, see how much your toddler will love one of our dinosaur toys!


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