What to do with Kids when its too hot to play outside

We all love a bit of sunshine, and the chance to play outside again feels fabulous. But what do you do when its just too hot to be out? 

When the weather is rainy or cold its quite easy to persuade your kids to stay indoors, but when the sun is too hot for comfort, and even 10 minutes outside involves a huge application of sunscreen, how can you entertain your kids?

Here are 5 suggestions from us but we’d love to hear any of your own.


1. Change your routine.
If you are lucky enough to have a stay at home parent, or a flexible employer then change your routine to avoid the worst of the heat. You may think that getting up at 6am would be difficult but being the only ones up in your street, or your local park can feel like a huge adventure. If you are lucky enough to have open ground near you then 6am is a great time to go bunny spotting. There will be less traffic on the roads at the time and the chance to see your neighbourhood in a whole new light.

By the time it gets hot at midday you will all be ready for a nap or at least some down time in front of a film for a couple of hours while you sit out the worst of the heat.
Afternoons, when it has got a little cooler, are great for doing things outdoors which are normally only done indoors.

Picnics and eating outside is always fun, or how about your own bowling alley with a soft ball and plastic bottles? Having a bath outside in a big tub is obviously hilarious and lots of fun. Paint or chalk a checkers board or twister game outside to play board games in a larger and louder way.

And to round off the day so its cool enough to go to bed you could have your own movie night and project your own films on to a fence or wall. 


2. Seek out air conditioning.

The trouble with airconditioned areas is that they are obviously wanting you to spend money. The most obvious air conditioned places are shops but dragging children round the shops and not expecting them to fall in love with something they absolutely must have is a bit of a stretch, especially if you do it too often.
However there are air conditioned places which won’t cost you money

Your local library – cool, cheap and usually they run kids activities of some sorts during the school holidays.
Museums – most towns have a museum of some sort which while not big will be cool and will undoubtedly have activities planned over the summer. Or have a competition to find the most hideous/sparkly/weirdest thing in the museum. You can see family friendly museums here Home - Kids in Museums.

Another idea would be to go brass rubbing in your local church. Cheap, cool and unusual trip out

Food shopping – You may not think that food shopping could be fun for kids but how about trying to make a meal out of foods which are all one colour? Or all one shape? Or foods which begin with the same letter as your name? Make food shopping reasonably quick and it can become a very useful hour in air conditioning!

Garden Centres are also great places to spend an hour in the cool with the added bonus that many also have ponds and fish to see.

Other air conditioning places which are not free but won’t cost the earth include cinemas and fast food restaurants as treats. 



3. Evening treats

Out door cinemas normally have films for kids so treat them to a drive in cinema experience.  Many towns have out door theatres during the summer mainly targeted at children and they are not normally expected to sit still for the whole performance.
Many zoos and other kids attractions have late night opening, as do local swimming pools.
If you are forecast a hot night then delaying bedtime for a special treat is a magical way to avoid a hot, grumpy evening.



4. Ice. Its amazing what games you can play with ice!

Slightly dilute some washable paints, pour them in to ice cube trays, put a stick in and leave over night. Result? Frozen paint cubes to make out door art.
Or simply add food colours to ice cubes and then watch them melt outside making great works of art (or a colourful mess 😊 ).

Fill plastic gloves with water and freeze them to make frozen hands to decorate.

Freeze toys such as Lego people in ice and watch as they slowly thaw free.
And obviously you can always make ice lollies and frozen fruit popsicles.



Its not for everyone but if you are experiencing hot weather and it’s too hot to sleep in doors then pop up a tent in the garden and sleep out doors. You can even have your own camp fire and s'mores.



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