Our Famous T Rex Toy - See Him On CBeebies Mr Tumble

When you have something as popular as our T Rex toy then its not surprising he gets noticed and then used by people in the media, however this year hes hit the big time! Our t Rex is in Mr Tumble!

Our T Rex toy is the reason we got in to dinosaurs in the first place and has remained one of most popular toys since we first designed him.

When we first started to develop knitted toys he was one of the very first toys we made.  We had a trio of knitted toys which also included a bear and a bunny.

However it was always the T Rex which was the most popular so he was soon followed by more dinosaur toys in the shape of a triceratops, a diplodocus and a even a Woolly Mammoth.
They were so successful that we added dinosaur rattles and since it was obvious that dinosaur love started young we introduced a range of baby dinosaur toys. Our dinosaurs make great gifts for kids and we have even seen them used as a rather unique christening gift!

So we shouldn't have been surprised to see our knitted T Rex toy pop up on the TV being used in adverts for people as diverse as a bank right through to Merlin theme parks

Merlin annual pass video

But this week my neighbours 5 year old son rushed round to tell me that our T Rex is in Mr Tumble. for those of you old enough to have teenagers rather than toddlers (and that's all of our office) that's a bit like your toy ending up on Play Away or Play School. We are thrilled!


Mr Tumble uses sign language in a programme designed to help children learn to develop speech and communication skills so we think its a great fit for our knitted toys. Wonder if they want a Diplodocus too?

If you see any of our toys featured anywhere please let us know as we are genuinely excited to see them!

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