Family Fun - What To Do On A Rainy Day During Lockdown?

With the weather so changeable at the moment we have some ideas for indoor activities you can do with young kids, plus some ideas if you are able to get out and about now. From Dinosaur Craft to Escape Rooms and Podcasts hopefully we will have an idea for your rainy day.

Although lockdown is easing many days out are still not an option. So what can you do when the weather is not kind and you cannot play in the garden?

The novelty of being at home all the time has worn off and although we are now allowed to do some socialising and some places are opening up there are many things still off limits.

So here's our top tips to help you enjoy the days when the weather is not good enough to be outside. As lockdown eases we have included ideas for indoor play and some local days out.

1. We are a company who are mad keen on Dinosaurs so obviously the first thing we would recommend as a rainy day activity is Dinosaur crafts. We have a whole range for you to choose from here including these fab Dinosaurs from paper plates

2. Cinemas
The cinemas were allowed to open from 4th July but with many blockbuster films being pushed back many have delayed opening. You can see if you local Odeon cinema is open here and Vue cinemas here. If you are lucky enough to have a small local cinema like Picturehouse cinemas they have found it easier to re-open and will all re-open by 31st July.

3. Cooking.
If you have been cooking cakes in your house during lockdown how about cooking something savoury with your kids? The BBC has some great recipes which are fun to make with even the youngest children. Pizza is always a good one to start with but we can also testify the chicken fajitas are very good!

4. Podcasts 
If you want the stories for your kids but want to limit screen time have you thought of listening to a podcast for kids? The BBC have some great podcasts for kids, but many other companies have also made some great programmes for kids you could try. There are some educational ones which are so good your kids won't even know they are learning!

5. Plan an adventure for your  favourite soft toy.
You only have to see our Instagram to understand how much our dinosaur toys like an adventure. Let your children plan a fun filled day for their favourite toy and then get them to make a diary of the adventure they will have together. You can cut out photos from old magazines, draw pictures, write stories, you can even make tickets for their entrance in to certain attractions or sites.

All kids toys like a good day out so even when you can't get to the seaside, you can plan a visit for the hopefully near future.

6. Visit a Museum, either in person or Online. 
Most towns have their own museums which are normally free to enter and they are all starting to re-open. If you are not sure what is around your area you could try
If you are not sure about visiting a museum yet then many museums have fantastic websites which allow you to go on a virtual tour.   A perfect rainy day treat for adults and kids. Some of our favourites are the Natural History Museum which is ideal for the dinosaur mad; you can take a virtual tour of the American Museum of Natural History in New York or you could even take a virtual tour of the Eiffel Tower without leaving home!  

If you search 'virtual tours of museums for kids' you will find that the world is your oyster.

7. Water.
This may challenge your standards a bit but water is always a great way to entertain kids. Fill a sink and find things around the house which float, and things which don't. You can time how quickly things sink, or make things which float in to boats. I have resorted to putting kids in to an empty bath (shower tray will also do) with a load of water colours and telling them to paint each other. Its about as much mess as anyone can make but its easy enough to clean up afterwards and the kids loved it! If you want to add some more fun then our Natural Rubber dinosaur toys would be perfect companions in this mess and as they haven't got any holes in them they will not take on any water during the process.

8. Make a paper copy of yourself.
Get your kids to lie on a long strip of paper and draw around them. I always used lining paper as it was very cheap. Cut out the paper version of your child and get them to colour in clothes, hair and face. You can make whole families or just have an adventure with the paper child. 

9.  Google 3D Animals.You may have read in the news that 3D animals are available on google.  Generally speaking, you will need a modern smart phone with an operating system of Android 7 or for Apple users iOS 11.0 or later to view the 3D animals.  Then type a common animal such as tiger or giraffe and scroll down until you see 'view in 3D'.  Allow google to access your camera, then you will see the animal in your living room - or wherever you are with your phone!  Have fun - we are sure you can be quite creative with this one!

10.  Live Theatre.
With theatres closed, there are an increasing number of opportunities to see theatre shows live streamed at home but not so many suitable for children yet.  We will update you if you we find more but for now  The National Theatre will be showing the family-friendly 'Treasure Island through their YouTube Channel on 16th April and Julian Fellowes 2017 musical production of 'Wind in the Willows' is available for free online and you can find it here.

11. Building Dens. 
If you are house proud you may have to suspend your standards for a little bit because building dens is the very best rainy day activity. Sheets make better building materials than blankets because they are lighter and don't collapse as easily. The very easiest way to build a den is using a table to support the structure but if you have a little more time then pushing chairs back to back with a space in between is another good way to support your structure. You can also use brooms and mops but this will almost inevitably mean an early collapse of your den!

 12. Climbing, High Ropes and Escape Rooms
If your kids are a little older you'll be pleased to know that companies such as Go Ape are re-opening for (safe) high ropes adventures.

13. If you have not tried Escape rooms these can be great fun even for small kids. Clue HQ have locations around the country but there are other local companies to check out. There are also digital Escape rooms for kids including this free Hogwarts one and an Alice in Wonderland one, both created by American librarians 

There are lots of other suggestions in the office - find things around that house that you can make music with or even make your own musical instruments; if you are a particularly talented parent, do a competition as to how quickly they can tidy their room. 
Do you have any others to share? Please visit our Facebook or Instagram to comment.

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