Dinosaur Toys for Kids Who Love Dinosaurs. T Rex to Pterodactyl Dinosaur Toys

If you are looking for dinosaur toys for dinosaur mad kids our dinosaur toys  include everything from T Rex toys to Triceratops toys to Pterodactyl toys and are available to buy online or from lovely independent stores.

Dinosaurs continue to be one of the biggest obsessions for children. Their sheer size fascinates people but there are also a steady stream of films, from Jurassic Park to The Good Dinosaur to keep dinosaurs relevant. If that wasn’t enough there have been some startling new finds over the last couple of years which have kept Dinosaurs in the news.
In 2020 scientists found dinosaur remains of a dinosaur from 115 million years ago in the Isle of Wight. Thrillingly it was one from the same family of dinosaurs as the T Rex and is estimated to have been up to 4m (13ft) long. It has been given the catchy name of Vectaerovenator inopinatus.
In Canada they discovered a cousin to the T Rex. Living almost 80 million years ago it has officially been called Thanatotheristes degrootorum  but it has been nicknamed the Reaper of Death. Standing 8 feet tall and with deep ridges running from eyes to nose it would have been a very scary looking dinosaur.
Scientists have also discovered that dinosaurs were thriving rather than declining when the asteroid hit, so without this intervention dinosaurs would have ruled the world for a lot longer and perhaps evolved and survived into the era of mankind.

We love dinosaurs and it shows! We specialize in dinosaur toys and that shows too
Until you have a dinosaur mad kid your knowledge of dinosaurs usually starts and ends with T Rex which is why most dinosaur toys are available as T Rex. However, if you have a dinosaur mad kid then as they learn the difference between a Diplodocus and a Brachiosaurus your job of finding original dinosaur toys gets a lot harder.

But never fear, we are here to help with our wide range of dinosaur toys and almost, but not quite dinosaur toys!

The T Rex is the usual introduction to dinosaurs. As the T Rex is mostly known for its ferocious, predatory nature it’s quite surprising that it is popular as a toy, but children are fascinated by its sheer size and awed by it’s aggression.
We have T Rex in a variety of colours and sizes including T Rex baby rattles for those who find dinosaurs fascinating from a very young age, or those babies with dinosaur mad siblings or parents!

Moving on from the T Rex it is the Diplodocus dinosaur toy which is most popular. The Diplodocus makes a great baby dinosaur toy because of its sweet face and because it’s long neck makes it easy for babies to grasp. When the Natural History Museum decided to tour its giant Diplodocus skeleton it brought this dinosaur to life for many people and hundreds of thousands of families went to see it at local museums. Our Diplodocus dinosaur toys are available in orange, green, ice blue, tartan and stripe and we also have dinosaur baby rattles and large organic Diplodocus toy too.

Both the Triceratops and the Stegosaurus are relatively well known. These herbivore dinosaurs are instantly recognizable by their horns and large frill, but many people get the two mixed up. We have put the Triceratops in to red and the Stegosaurus in to blue to make it easier to identify them when talking to your dinosaur mad kids!  We have introduced a green Titanosaur baby rattle and large dinosaur toy to broaden the range.

We then move in to not really dinosaur toys.

The Pterodactyl is viewed as a dinosaur by everyone except paleontologists. It is actually a reptile and as it lived in the same period as the dinosaurs, in the late Jurassic period, we have decided it's ok to add it to our knitted dinosaur toy family.  The plesiosaurus was a marine reptile from the Mesozoic era.

The woolly mammoth and mastodon are pre-historic animals and not dinosaur toys at all. They lived approx. 65 million years after dinosaurs but we have put them in as dinosaur toys on the basis they lived a long, long time ago and they are either huge or ferocious!

We have no such excuse for the dodo toy. The only thing it shares with dinosaurs is that sadly it is extinct.

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