Meet our New Dinosaur Toy, the Parasaurolophus. An unusual Dinosaur Toy for Dinosaur Mad Kids

If you have a dinosaur mad kid finding unusual dinosaur toys for them can be a hassle. There are lots of T Rex dinosaur toys, or even Diplodocus and Triceratops dinosaur toys, but finding a dinosaur toy they don’t have can be difficult. This is why we are delighted to introduce our Parasaurolophus dinosaur toy

What is or was a Parasaurolophus?

The Parasaurolophus was a herbivorous dinosaur which lived in the late Cretaceous period which was just over 65million years ago.
It was a period where there was a widest range of dinosaurs so the Parasaurolophus would have lived at the same time as the Triceratops and the T Rex.
The Diplodocus and the pterodactyls lived in the Late Jurassic period so millions of years before.

In terms of size the Parasaurolophus was obviously huge, but in dinosaur terms on the smaller side. It grew up to 10m long and could weigh up to 2.5 tons. In comparison the diplodocus was up to 30m long and although the T Rex was only slightly bigger at 12m it weighed up to 9 tons.

The Parasaurolophus was normally on all 4 legs and would have spent most of its day browsing for vegetation for food, but when it needed speed, so when being chased or evading predators, it would run on 2 legs to achieve more speed.

It was part of a group of herbivorous dinosaurs called duckbills because of the flat shape of their mouth bones. Their beaks were designed for biting off pieces of tougher plants. They also had teeth in their cheeks! These were for the purpose of chewing and grinding plants.

What was unique about the Parasaurolophus was the long crest on its head. its crested skull was over five feet long and it’s horn was curved and it was probably brightly coloured.
The crest was used for trumpeting, both as a warning and as a way of communicating. So Parasaurolophus were singing dinosaurs!

The name is pronounced pa-ra-saw-ROL-off-us

Our Parasaurolophus dinosaur toy is in tactile knitted fabric with distinctive black markings. Like all the other dinosaurs in our dinosaur toy range the Parasaurolophus is available both as a dinosaur toy and a dinosaur baby rattle.

All our dinosaur toys are suitable from birth, tested to CE and UKCA and are machine washable.


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