Large Dinosaur toys don't get much better than our large T Rex, Large Diplodocus and large Triceratops toy. Our large T Rex toy is a regular feature in CBeebies Mr Tumble. Sturdy, bright and perfect for imaginative and robust play, these large dinosaurs make the perfect gift.




Large Knitted Yellow Pterodactyl Dinosaur Toy

We are delighted to introduce a large version of our popular knitted pterodactyl dinosaur soft toy. The pterodactyl is not strictly a dinosaur but was in fact a type of flying reptile - part of the

Sales price: £29.99

Large Knitted Ice Blue Diplodocus Dinosaur Toy

We are delighted to introduce the latest of our large knitted dinosaur soft toys - our large ice blue diplodocus dinosaur. This dinosaur soft toy would make an ideal birthday gift or kids Christmas

Sales price: £29.99
knitted large sabre tooth tiger toy
triceratops and sabre tooth tiger

Large Blue Knitted Sabre Tooth Tiger Soft Toy

Our sabre tooth tiger range is back by popular demand but now also available as a large toy. Our fabulous sabret tooth tiger is ideal for imaginative play and for a cuddle. Ideal for fans of the

Sales price: £29.99
large dinosaur toy, knitted orange diplodocus
diplo with blocks

Large Knitted Orange Diplodocus Soft Toy

Our large Diplodocus dinosaur toy measures approx. 36cm high x 40cm long so he is a wonderfully large dinosaur toy, but fortunately not as big as the original Diplodocus which was 90 - 175 feet long

Sales price: £29.99
large knitted dinosaur toy, knitted red triceratops
Greetings card with picture of red triceratops dinosaur knitted soft toy with crayons and painting behind

Knitted Large Red Triceratops Dinosaur Soft Toy

Our large dinosaur toys are robust and bright, great toys for 2 year olds right up to 92 year olds! The large red Triceratops is particularly fabulous large dinosaur, a sturdy and robust toy will

Sales price: £29.99
large dinosaur toy, knitted green T Rex

Large Green Knitted T Rex Dinosaur Soft Toy

Our Large Dinosaur toy is a regular on CBeebies Mr Tumble. making him a great kids gift both for dinosaur fans and those who love Mr Tumble. All our large dinosaur toys are robust, tactile and

Sales price: £29.99

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