Wooden Teaching Clock Puzzle with Hour and Minute Hands

This wooden teaching clock puzzle with hour and minute hands is a great toddler toy. This pre-school educational toy is both a puzzle and a teaching clock. Handmade and fair trade, this traditional

Sales price: £19.99
wooden space puzzle

Wooden Solar System Planets Tray

This set contains the nine planets of the solar system in a wooden tray storage box. All of the planets are beautifully painted in non toxic paints and the wood is sustainably sourced. Part of

Sales price: £19.99
Contemporary Rainbow
Contemporary rainbow with elephant

Wooden Rainbow Stacker Toy in Contemporary Colours, Boxed

Our new range of wooden stacking toys includes this wooden rainbow in contemporary colours. Ideal for the modern nursery, this traditional wooden toy is handmade and fair trade. Ideal for open

Sales price: £19.99
Wooden nativity set

Wooden Nativity Set - Fair Trade and Handmade

Our fair trade wooden Christmas Nativity Set consists of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, the 3 kings, an angel and a shepherd plus a sheep and a camel. Handmade by our fair trade partner it is

Sales price: £19.99
bus with people outside2

Wooden Double Decker Bus Toy with Removable Passengers

Due to the lockdown we are experiencing supply issues on our traditional wooden toys. We are working very hard with our fair trade partner to get back in stock but you can read more about this on our

Sales price: £99.00
Wooden Xmas tree puzzle

Wooden Christmas Tree Puzzle - Fair Trade and Handmade

Fair Trade and Handmade our wooden Christmas Tree puzzle is a perfect Christmas Gift for young children. Handmade from sustainably sourced wood.

Sales price: £14.99
Wooden rainbow toy cut in 7 pieces of wood that fit together into a puzzle

Wooden Bright Rainbow Puzzle Stacking Toy (7 pieces)

Our gorgeous wooden rainbow puzzle is handmade from sustainable wood in bright rainbow colours. Part of our range of traditional wooden toys this seven piece puzzle offers multiple uses and endless

Sales price: £19.99
blue rainbow toy
wooden rainbow box2

Wooden Blue Rainbow Stacker Toy, Boxed

This rainbow stacking wooden toy in shades of blue is part of our new range of wooden rainbows. Ideal for open ended play, these pre-school traditional wooden toys are perfect for stacking,

Sales price: £19.99
wooden rainbow box8

Wooden Black & White Rainbow Stacker Toy, Boxed

We are expanding our range of popular wooden rainbow stacker toys and are delighted to introduce this black & white version. These traditional wooden toys are handmade by a fair trade organisation

Sales price: £19.99
Stacking Monkeys

Tradtional Wooden Stacking Toy - Ten Monkeys

Out of stock - new stock not expected until January 2021. Have you seen our new range of colourful rainbow stacking toys? Our gorgeous wooden traditional stacking toy is handmade from sustainable

Sales price: £19.99
small teal elephant toy
Teal large and small elephants4

Small Teal Organic Cotton Elephant Toy

Our small teal elephant toy is made from tactile organic cotton. This gorgeous elephant toy is part of a range of Scandi toys. Perfect for a modern nursery their charming design, tactile organic

Sales price: £12.99

Small Organic Cotton Zebra Soft Toy

Our cute small organic zebra soft toy is made from tactile organic cotton with black stripes. Our organic zebra toys are made from tactile organic cotton. This gorgeous soft toy is part of a range of

Sales price: £12.99
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