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Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Hippo Toy Rattle, blue stripe

Our the cute hippo has a blue stripe top, gorgeous little ears and a friendly smiley face making him a perfect baby gift. Tactile cotton and a gente rattle will make this hippo rattle an instantly

Sales price: £9.99

Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Hippo Toy Rattle, pink stripe.

It maybe the lovely,pink stripe top, the gorgeous little ears or even the smiley face but this hippopotamus baby rattle is an instantly attractive baby toy. Tactile crochet, gentle rattle and machine

Sales price: £9.99
very large dinosaur toy, supersize green knitted t rex

Supersize Dinosaur Soft Toy, Knitted Green T Rex

Our wonderful green T Rex super sized knitted dinosaur soft toy is suitable for all ages. This dinosaur is sure to be a giant success with every child and will make a striking impact in any bedroom

Sales price: £55.00

Fair Trade Cotton Crochet Caterpillar Baby Toys Rattle, Pink

This lovable pink caterpillar rattle is fair trade and handmade in 100% cotton. Pretty pink stripes, tactile crochet and soothing rattle sound make this a perfect baby toy. Handmade and fair trade.

Sales price: £9.99

Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Pixie Ring Rattle For Babies, blue

This gorgeous ring rattle in blue and green stripes is Waldorf Steiner inspired - with no facial features, this leaves baby to imagine the range of emotions and feelings. Handmade, fair trade and

Sales price: £14.99

Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Pixie Ring Rattle for Babies, pink

This gorgeous ring rattle in pink and purple stripes is Waldorf Steiner inspired - with no facial features, this leaves baby to imagine the range of emotions and feelings. Handmade, fair trade and

Sales price: £14.99
364 screen

Chunky Knit Toucan Rattle, Little Benjie

Gorgeous chunky knit Toucan rattle. Machine washable and suitable from birth.Benjie Benjie is a bird with an unusual beak And like all toucans he loves to speak. He’ll talk all day repeating

Sales price: £9.99
Pebble Teddy Bear soft orange
Pebble organic teddy bears2

Fair Trade Organic Cotton Teddy Bear, Soft Orange.

Our Pebble Teddy Bear is handmade in soft orange organic cotton and is the perfect teddy bear for a new baby. Suitable from birth and machine washable. Fair trade and handmade. Size: height approx

Sales price: £12.99

White Ball Rattle with Bright Spots. suitable from birth

Ideal as a first baby toy, this white crochet Pebble ball rattle with bright spots is stimulating and perfect for tummy time. Fair trade and handmade from 100% cotton yarn. Suitable from birth.

Sales price: £6.99
Pixie rainbow ring rattle

Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Pixie Rainbow Baby Rattle

Gorgeous rainbow stripes make this pixie rattle a great baby toy. Fair trade and handmade. Suitable from birth. Approximate size: height approx. 20cm, width approx. 12cm All Pebble toys are

Sales price: £14.99
Organic Scrappy Bunny Pink Stripe

Organic Baby Comforter Bunny, Pink Stripes

One of our new organic bunny comforters this pretty bunny is 100% organic, handmade and fair trade in organic Egyptian cotton. Perfect as a sleep comforter this gorgeous bunny is light and small

Sales price: £13.99
Pink Pony

Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Pony Baby Rattle, pink

Everybody loves ponies and this delightful handmade pony with her pink saddle and bridle is sure to be a big hit. This pony baby rattle is hand crocheted from 100% cotton yarn, suitable from birth,

Sales price: £18.99

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