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A trip to the farm or petting zoo is always a treat and now you can bring the farmyard to your baby with these lovely farm baby toys.

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Crochet cotton frog boy baby rattle in stripe jumper
Crochet cotton frog boy baby rattle in stripe jumper

Fair Trade Crochet Frog Soft Toy Rattle with Blue/Green Stripe Jumper

Cheerful, smiley Pebble frog baby rattle with crochet eye catching green and blue stripe jumper. This frog soft toy is crocheted from cotton yarn and makes a wonderful first rattle for babies.

Sales price: £10.00
Crochet Cotton Frog Soft Toy
Crochet Cotton Frog Soft Toy

Fair Trade Cotton Crochet Frog Soft Toy Rattle with Pink Dress

Cheerful, smiley Pebble frog soft toy in a cute, mulberry pink frilly skirt with a friendly smile. This frog baby toy is a fabulously friendly cotton rattle for babies and is sure to be a great

Sales price: £10.00
donkey wfto
donkey  toadstool

Fair Trade Large Crochet Cotton Donkey Cuddly Toy

Instantly appealing this gorgeous, cotton crochet donkey has bright stripes, a green mane and lovely floppy ears. Our donkey is loved by kids of all ages and he makes the perfect companion for any

Sales price: £35.00
365 screen

Chunky Knit Chick Baby Rattle, Chirpy

This sweet little chick rattle in tactile chunky knit is suitable from birth and machine washable. Approximate size: 12cm by 12cm Dimensions can vary and are given as a guide

Sales price: £9.99
Crochet Dog Baby Rattle in Pink Stripe Dress

Fair Trade Crochet Dog Baby Rattle with Pink Dress

Beautiful crochet Puppy baby rattle in a sweet pink stripe dress. Handmade and fair trade. Suitable from birth and machine washable Approximate size: 18cm x 8cm All Pebble toys are handmade so

Sales price: £6.99
pig rattle boy

Fair Trade Cotton Crochet Pig Baby Rattle with Blue/Red Jumper

This gorgeous little pig baby rattle in a blue and red stripey jumper is handmade, fair trade and suitable from birth. This toy would make an ideal gift for a newborn baby or toddler as its arms

Sales price: £13.99
pig rattle girl
pig rattles boy and girl

Fair Trade Cotton Crochet Pig Baby Rattle in Green Dress

This super cute crochet pig rattle is hand made, fair trade and suitable from birth. With its sweet face and green, blue and yellow dress, this one is sure to delight, Machine washable, Fair trade,

Sales price: £13.99
Knitted Swan
small white swan baby toy with rattle and pink beak and feet

Knitted Small White Swan Baby Rattle

This is one baby toy which is definitely not an Ugly Ducking! Our graceful knitted white Swan rattle has a lovely pink tweed beak and feet and a gentle rattle. Great if you are looking for an unusual

Sales price: £9.99
large white swan toy with pink beak and feet
Swan toy and rattle

Knitted Large White Swan Toy with pink tweed beak

Substantial Swan toy with white knitted body and pretty in pink beak and feet. A recent survey by a hotel chain claims that up to 35% of British adults still take their favourite cuddly toys to bed

Sales price: £14.99
blue pony
deer and ponies

Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Pony Rattle, Blue

Many children dream of owning their own pony and this crochet pony toy with it's blue saddle and bridle is the ideal first pony toy for your baby. Handmade, fair trade and suitable from birth.

Sales price: £18.99
Pink Pony

Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Pony Baby Rattle, pink

Everybody loves ponies and this delightful handmade pony with her pink saddle and bridle is sure to be a big hit. This pony baby rattle is hand crocheted from 100% cotton yarn, suitable from birth,

Sales price: £18.99

Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Deer Rattle, brown

Did you know that male deer are called bucks and female deer are called does? Male deer grow antlers every year but they fall off in winter, so this toy could be a buck or a doe! This deer baby

Sales price: £4.00
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