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If there is one thing as exciting to kids as Dinosaur toys its Space toys! These Space themed baby toys are all suitable from birth and will appeal to all future Tim Peake astronauts

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Blue Robot wfto9
robot group wfto

Robot Toy for Babies, Spark Rattle blue

New from Pebble this pretty robot rattle in soft blue is a great companion for baby. His soft body has bright buttons to stimulate and his arms are perfect for baby to grasp onto. Hand made from

Sales price: £13.99
Red robot wfto
robot group wfto9

Robot Toy for Babies, Tin Rattle red

This loveable, cute robot is easy for baby to hold and shake, Pebble's new hand crocheted robot rattle is red with bright buttons to make him particularly appealing. Fair trade and hand made from

Sales price: £13.99
Green robot wfto

Robot Toy for Babies, Rattle Wire lime green

What's not to love? Our cute lime green robot rattle from Pebble has arms and legs for baby to grasp and shake. This crochet rattle is both practical and cuddly. Hand made and fair trade. Machine

Sales price: £13.99
chubby monster blue wfto
crochet monster rattles wfto3

Chubby Monster Baby Toys, Scary blue

This monster is more quirky than scary! This loveable, bright blue crochet monster rattle is picked out in red to make it extra eye catching. Fair trade and handmade. Suitable from birth.

Sales price: £13.99
cheeky monster wfto
crochet monster rattles wfto4

Chubby Monster Baby Toys, Cheeky green

A cheeky grin on this gorgeous green monster rattle makes him a very friendly monster. His arms and legs are easy for baby to grip on to. Fair trade, handmade from 100% cotton and suitable from

Sales price: £13.99
silly monster rattle wfto
crochet monster rattles wfto

Chubby Monster Baby Toys, Silly Purple

Our silly cotton crochet purple Pebble monster rattle has gorgeous purple and red stripe legs and multiple eyes. His arms and legs are the perfect size for baby to grip on to. Fair trade, handmade

Sales price: £13.99
handade cotton crochet white astronaut baby toy with rattle
Astronaut with rocket

Crochet Cotton White Astronaut Toy Baby Rattle

Our exclusive white crochet astronaut baby rattle is part of our space range. This cute spaceman toy is ideal to inspire the next generation of astronauts. This astronaut is crocheted from cotton

Sales price: £13.99
handmade cotton crochet blue and green rocket baby toy with rattle
Astronaut with rocket9

Crochet Cotton Blue Space Rocket Baby Rattle

Our exclusive blue and green crochet space rocket rattle is part of our new space range. An ideal gift to inspire an early love of Space. Machine washable and suitable from birth. Ethically

Sales price: £13.99
Once upon a time Spaceman

Large Astronaut Soft Doll, fair trade and handmade

Encourage their fascination with space with our Astronaut soft doll. Soft dolls are great baby toys and our dolls will be both a companion and best friend for your child. Our traditional handmade

Sales price: £22.99

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