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Dinosaur Toys

Most children love dinosaur toys and go through a dinosaur mad phase.  Best Years offer a wide range of knitted dinosaur toys with 100% recycled stuffing, including baby dinosaur toys, dinosaur rattles, wooden dinosaurs, right through to large dinosaur toys.  We have dinosaur toys for all ages of child and the largest range of knitted dinosaur cuddly toys available. We also offer wooden dinosaur toys for toddlers and natural rubber dinosaur toys that make excellent dinosaur bath toys and dinosaur teethers.

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my first diplo ice blue 1200
my first diplo ice blue 1200 x

My First Ice Blue Diplodocus Natural Rubber Dinosaur Bath Toy And Teether

3 in 1 toy - Teether, Bath Toy, Toy, Naturally Our popular ice blue diplodocus dinosaur toy is now available as a teether and bath toy. Why settle for plastic toys when our handmade natural rubber

Sales price: £12.50
dinosaur traay 1200x
dino tray box 1200x5

Fair Trade Wooden Dinosaur Toy Play Set

A great selection of fair trade wooden dinosaur toys. Presented in a fair trade wooden tray our fair trade wooden dinosaur toys are perfect for open play and for balancing and stacking games. Ideal

Sales price: £24.99
bold stripe diplo toy 1200 x

Diplodocus Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy Bold Stripe

Our popular knitted diplodocus dinosaur soft toy is now available in a bold stripe design. This colourful rainbow dinosaur toy is sure to delight any toddler or young child. Ideal for cuddles and

Sales price: £17.50
bold diplo rattle 1200 x

Diplodocus Knitted Dinosaur Rattle Bold Stripe

Knitted baby dinosaur toy - this bold stripe diplodocus dinosaur rattle makes an ideal new baby toy. This sensory baby toy makes an ideal first dinosaur teddy with its soothing rattle sound,

Sales price: £11.25
bold T rex toy 1200 x
bold stripe t rex toys

T Rex Knitted Dinosaur Toy Bold Stripe

Our bold stripe T Rex dinosaur toy is the same as our original green dinosaur but in vivid and striking wide bold stripes. Our knitted dinosaur toys make ideal toys for 3 year olds though they are

Sales price: £17.50
bold t rex rattle 1200 x
bold stripe t rex toys6

T Rex Knitted Dinosaur Rattle Bold Stripe

Gorgeous bold stripe T rex dinosaur rattle in rainbow colours. This knitted baby dinosaur teddy is suitable from birth and machine washable. This T rex makes an ideal first dinosaur toy with its

Sales price: £11.25
stegosaurus xmas dec 1200x
Dinosaur Knitted Christmas decs89

Blue Knitted Stegosaurus Dinosaur Christmas Decoration

Our popular blue knitted stegosaurus dinosaur is now available as a dinosaur Christmas tree decoration. If your kids Christmas tree decorations are looking for some company, why not introduce some

Sales price: £8.00
pterodactyl decoration 1200x
Dinosaur Knitted Christmas decs7

Knitted Yellow Pterodactyl Xmas Decoration

Our popular knitted yellow pterodactyl dinosaur is available as a Christmas Tree Decoration. If you are looking for dinosaur Christmas tree decorations, we have a wide range for you to choose from.

Sales price: £8.00
Small knitted diplodocus dinosaur baby toy with long neck and smiley face knitted in vivid ice blue yarn

Diplodocus Knitted Dinosaur Rattle Ice Blue

This small ice blue diplodocus knitted dinosaur rattle is ideal for babies and toddlers. This baby dinosaur teddy is the ideal size for little hands to play with and the gentle rattle sound is

Sales price: £11.25
Knitted diplodocus dinosaur soft toy in ice blue colour with long neck and tail and smiley face
Knitted diplodocus dinosaur soft toy in ice blue colour with long neck and tail and smiley face

Diplodocus Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy Ice Blue

This diplodocus dinosaur soft toy is knitted from a vivid eye catching ice blue coloured yarn. This knitted dinosaur toy is soft enough for cuddles and great for imaginative play. The long neck

Sales price: £17.50
steg family 1200x
steg rattle with painting

Stegosaurus Knitted Dinosaur Rattle Blue

Best Year's sweet small blue Stegosaurus knitted dinosaur rattle is a perfect new baby gift. This baby dinosaur teddy has a soothing sound and is the perfect size for babies and toddlers. These

Sales price: £11.25
steg toy 1200 x
Steg family66

Stegosaurus Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy Blue

Our gorgeous blue stegosaurus dinosaur toy with its blue body and soft spines along its back is a popuarl dinosaur toy for toddlers. This knitted dinosaur toy is ready for imaginative play and

Sales price: £17.50
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