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Best Years are proud to stock the widest range of Pebble toys in the UK, with prompt delivery and free P+P available. From baby toys to rattles, large toys and blankets, if you want a Pebble toy we have it available to dispatch for prompt delivery.
Pebble toys are made in Bangladesh by a workers co-operative which provides fairly paid employment to women in rural locations. 

When Liz and I visited Bangladesh we were overwhelmed by the contrast between the city of Dhaka and the beauty of the surrounding country, but it was great to see Pebble toys making such a difference to people's lives.
To make the Pebble toys we first start with the cotton yarns in a variety of gorgeous colours

cotton yarns

Pebble toys are made in rural Bangladesh. Taking jobs out of Dhaka means that workers do not have to leave their homes and families to find work. Living in rural Bangladesh is very hard but it is a beautiful country and conditions in the country are much better than those in the sweat shops of Dhaka.

Rural Pebble centre


Life in rural Bangladesh is hard as everything has to be done by hand, there is no automation. The ground is very fertile and farmers can raise 3 or 4 crops in one year but it is a hard life and one which is too close to absolute poverty.

Everything has to be done by hand in rural Bangladesh

Workers supplement their income by working for Pebble for as little or as much time as they want. This means that they take a big step away from poverty without having to compromise on their other committments such as their house work and small holdings

The other positive thing is that making Pebble toys is very inclusive work. Kids and their grand parents congregate in the same place as the ladies work.

making Pebble toys is a family affair


playing with pebble toys


pebble octopus rattle


The centres are located throughout Bangladesh, and heres Liz and Samantha at one of them.

Samantha and Liz at one of the working centres

And how about this for a view?

View for the centre


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