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Some toys become a child's best friend, and these kids toys are just looking for their new BFF. A great alternative to a traditional teddy bear.

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Toucan soft toy

Large Chunky Knit Toucan Toy, Benjie

Introducing our lovely chunky knit retro Toucan toy, Benjie. Do you know why Toucans have such large beaks? Seemingly they act as air conditioning units to keep them cool. Suitable from birth and

Sales price: £16.99
364 screen

Chunky Knit Toucan Rattle, Little Benjie

Gorgeous chunky knit Toucan rattle. Machine washable and suitable from birth.Benjie Benjie is a bird with an unusual beak And like all toucans he loves to speak. He’ll talk all day repeating

Sales price: £9.99
Chicken soft toy

Chunky Knit Chicken Soft Toy, Chirpy

Our gorgeous chunky knit chicken toy, Chirpy is machine washable and suitable from birth. Approximate size: 19cm x 19cm Dimensions given as a guide only and can vary. Chirpy When you need a

Sales price: £6.99
365 screen

Chunky Knit Chick Baby Rattle, Chirpy

This sweet little chick rattle in tactile chunky knit is suitable from birth and machine washable. Approximate size: 12cm by 12cm Dimensions can vary and are given as a guide

Sales price: £9.99
Large Swan Baby Toy
Flamingo swan turtle and giraffe

Large Pink and White Swan Toy with Crown

A very special baby toy this handmade, fair trade Swan toy from Pebble is pretty as a picture with pink and white stripes and her own little crown. Suitable from birth Approximate size: height

Sales price: £40.00
Large Crochet Cotton Unicorn Soft Toy
Large Crochet Cotton Unicorn Soft Toy

Fair Trade Crochet Cotton Large Unicorn Soft Toy with Rainbow Stripes

Unicorns make beautiful toys and they don't get more special than Pebble's fair trade and hand made large rainbow unicorn toy. Unicorns are mythical creatures from fairy tales with an enduring

Sales price: £40.00
Xmas sausage dog

Knitted Sausage Dog Toy with Stripe Jumper

Dachshunds, or Sausage Dogs, are one of the most popular dogs in the UK. Very cute, feisty and full of character there is no doubt why they are so popular. If you are looking for sausage dog gifts

Sales price: £14.99
crochet cotton kangaroo soft toy with baby joey
crochet cotton kangaroo soft toy with baby joey

Fair Trade Cotton Crochet Kangaroo Toy with baby joey

This adorable crochet cotton large kangaroo soft toy comes with its own little joey and a pouch for it to sit in or it can be taken out and played with separately. Whether you have visited Australia

Sales price: £43.99

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